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Book Review: The Carnivore Code Cookbook

The Carnivore Code Cookbook Reclaim Your Health, Strength, and Vitality with 100+ Delicious RecipesThe Carnivore Code Cookbook Reclaim Your Health, Strength, and Vitality with 100+ Delicious Recipes by Paul Saladino
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I’m an open-minded person who will usually come around to a new point of view if I’ve been given compelling reasons to do so, and my own personal research harmonizes.

But sometimes, a third factor comes into play: Personal experience. I’m a carnivore, and freely admit I love and crave meat. Meat, however, does not unconditionally love me back. The years I spent indulging in what was very close to this cookbook’s recommendations were some of the most unhealthy years of my life. Tired of feeling miserable, I changed to a vegetarian diet. I lost weight, gained energy and felt a lot better. Once I felt stabilized, I re-introduced meat back into my diet. I quickly learned my own meat-consumption limits, and how to balance them. My take? Our ancestors may have enjoyed their meat-based diets, but as we continue to evolve, human needs change.

I really wanted to agree with Paul Saladino, but I can’t personally endorse his overall views. If you’re looking for a good basic meat cookbook, however, this one is fairly straightforward, I’ll give it that.

My thanks to author Paul Saladino, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital advance review copy of this book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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