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An Afternoon's Foraging
An Afternoon’s Foraging

I’m an earthmomma by nature and choice. I’d rather make, re-purpose, grow, or forage something than buy it. It’s just more satisfying, and fun! Some years ago I wrote articles about living simply at a website called, believe it or not, “Living Simply”. I’ve re-posted some of that content here at A License To Quill.  If there are other simple living topics you’d like me to write about, I’ll certainly entertain the notion.


Canning & Preserving: An Introduction To Methods And Equipment

Canning & Preserving: Jellies and Jams

Churn Your Own Butter

Forager’s Guide To Chamomile

Forager’s Guide To Dandelions

Forager´s Guide To Wild Mint

Natural Colors To Dye For

Paint Your Wagon: Homemade Paint

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