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Fiction editing that respects your unique worldbuilding

Lori Alden Holuta is a fiction editor and writer living in the wilds of Michigan. A nitpicker by nature with mild synthesia (words evoke sounds in her mind), she enjoys the editing process immensely. Give her a hot cup of tea and 50,000 words to proofread, and just watch her face light up. She’s been editing fiction novels for years, and understands the strange nuances of world-building. She will nurture and protect your characters like a momma bear, and holds the highest respect for the unique lore of your fantastical universe.

There are many types of editing. Do you know which service is right for you? Click the link below to learn about the details (and my rates) for the various editing services I offer.

Descriptions  and Rates for Services


A Sampler of Previous Editing Projects

“I’m just starting to read the published version. I wish I’d kept a copy of the original I was given to read. Your editing and her revisions are wonderful. I’m only one chapter in and enjoying it so much. I also love that you polished it without distorting her voice.”
— Kip Kozlowski, Beta Reader, Keeper Academy

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