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Which Came First? The Chicken or the Pen?

Logo created by Shane McElveen

As much as I’ve always loved the original rustic chicken logo created in 2009 by a friend, I felt it was time for an update.  Even though I’m not an artist, and clumsy at creating graphics, I’ve successfully created a new logo for The Little Red Pen, and am very pleased with it.

I used DesignEvo, an online logo maker that even I can understand and use. The process didn’t take long at all. I searched for “pen” in their template library and found a cute stubby pen making a swooshy line.  I played with fonts and wording, and found a rich red in the color pallet. And viola, here it is. My new logo.
After creating my logo, I chose to purchase the premium package, offered when I indicated I was ready to download my work.  I received a .zip file containing the logo in .jpg format, along with a high resolution 5000×5000 version. There’s also regular and transparent png files. There’s even vector files. I have a logo file for every occasion. 🙂

Besides the premium package, there’s a basic package that’s also a good value.  And if you’re willing to give credit to DesignEvo at your website or in social media, you can even download your creation for free.

Now you go play, and see what you can make! I’d love to see your new logo.


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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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