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Book Review: Pies Are Awesome

Pies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book: Step-by-Step Designs for All OccasionsPies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book: Step-by-Step Designs for All Occasions by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin
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“The definitive pie art book – step-by-step designs for every occasion.”

With Thanksgiving in the United States just around the corner, many of you may be debating what to bring along for the annual family gathering. If you’re a young adult, you might be assigned a vegetable dish or, heaven forfend, chips and dip if your kitchen skills are dubious. At the top of the culinary ladder are those tending to the turkey and trimmings, and perhaps most revered of all, the pie makers. Odds are that Aunt Louise has been bringing her specialty pies for decades now.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up and climb a few steps up that dish-assignment ladder by showing up with your chips and dip in one hand, and a fabulous Goofy Turkey Pie in the other. This whimsical pumpkin pie will impress the grownups and delight the kids. Everyone will want to see what you bring next year.  Maybe an intricate Quilt Pie will re-win the heart of that auntie who got knocked down a few rungs when you shot up the ladder to family foodie fame.

And it’s all thanks to a brilliantly photographed book with detailed, clear instructions and advice on how to bake a great pie and decorate it! You should have known from the start this book would be a winner when you saw the book’s introduction was written by Duff “Ace of Cakes” Goldman.

My thanks to author Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, Quarto Publishing Group – Rock Point, and NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital advance review copy of this book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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