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Book Review: Booze Over Broadway

Booze Over Broadway: 50 Cocktails for Theatre LoversBooze Over Broadway: 50 Cocktails for Theatre Lovers by Michael Goff
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Booze Over Broadway isn’t just a cocktail recipe book (but it is that), and it’s not a how to be the best darn bartender in your suburb book (but it is that too). This volume should never be tucked away on a bookshelf or hidden in the shadows behind your personal home bar. Leave it out on the coffee table, perhaps opened in a deliberately casual manner to the page featuring your favorite Broadway show. Your guests won’t be able to resist picking it up to read the fast-facts about the show, ogle a saucy, vintage-yet-not illustration, and lick their lips over a special cocktail designed to go specifically with the featured show. What fun!

With fifty drinks-and-a-show featured, you’re sure to find a favorite and your guests will certainly keep you dancing as you serve up a ‘Little Shot of Horrors’, or maybe a Funny Girl will request a ‘Don’t Rum On My Parade’.  My favorite? Why, ‘West Sidecar Story’, of course. Or is it ‘Annie Get Your Gin’? Aw, shoot!

My thanks to Tiller Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital advance review copy of this book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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