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Presenting! Ceejaytoypia Imaginarium

So. It’s like this. When I am tired, stressed, rolling thoughts around in my mind, or planning the next chapter in the book, I tend to smash prims and mangle sculpties.  More often than not, I make silly stuff, simply because it’s fun, and it makes me laugh.  I figured as long as I’m making this sorta thing, I might as well indulge in an outlet to share it.  And thus is born Ceejaytoypia Imaginarium! There’s two shop locations:  Port Babbage (turn East, run up the stairs, keep straight, you’ll see it), and Armada Breakaway.  Same silliness in both locales.  What sorta nightmare-fuel am I throwing at the shops? GLAD YOU ASKED!  Read on!  Here’s the stuff I was brave enough to fling into a vendor-frame and offer out for sale.  Touch the frame and you’ll get a descriptive note card to keep.  Click to Pay the vendor, it will tell you the correct amount, and if you agree, you will be the proud (?) owner of the oddity.  Please enjoy!  (and do click each pic to nicely embiggen them!)

So often it happens that you are invited to a boating race, but you are just about to get into the bath. What’s a busy nautical sort to do? How can you balance your need for good hygiene and your desire to go boating?  Simples! Now with The Clean Getaway boat, you can enjoy the next regatta while soaking your cares (and dirt) away. The Clean Getaway comes with two complimentary bars of soap in a generous dish, two plush towels (one draped and ready to dry you off, the other to cushion your tuckus as you bounce through the waves), and all the plumbing a porcelain bathing device needs! Happy boating, and don’t forget to scrub behind your ears!

What more can I say? It’s candy. It’s eyeballs. Poke them and they spout famous eyeworthy quotes.  Drop the box on your coffee table and you’ve got a classy, creepy accessory.

Your mother said ‘don’t play with your food’, but your Mother never built a seaworthy ship out of her breakfast, now did she? I feel the end justifies the means, and I am pleased to offer the tastiest boat you will ever sail. The “Over Easy” has been carefully cooked up, using only the freshest ingredients:

*Waffle Hull (Crispy enough to resist waterlogging!)
*Toast Sail
*Pat of butter on toast for extra smooth sailing
*Sunny Side Up Egg on sail for easy identification by other ships (or chefs)
*Fresh Orange half seats
*Sausage bumpers
*Whipped cream and strawberries (I need a reason?)
*Sterling silver fork mast
*Coffee cup crow’s nest
*Frosted donut lifesaver

*BONUS! The “Cheerio!” rowboat is filled with swirling cereal in milk and features gleaming silver spoon oars. The “Cheerio!” is towed behind the “Over Easy” by that universal joiner of all that is good… bacon!

My take on the classic arrow-through-head as worn so gracefully and well by Mister Steve Martin. Who is, as they say, one Wild and Crazy Guy. And my lyric-glomming apologies to Bon Jovi.

I will close this entry with those three words everyone dreads to here:  MORE TO COME!   Oh! And look for the freebie. Find the clown dancing in a macabre manner with a horseshoe (so wrong, so wrong) and tap him.  He’ll give you a free clown nose!  You’ve been telling yourself for ages you need one. Now your dreams are coming true!

With Great Pride And Sincere Apologies,

Ceejay Writer
Ceejaytoypia Imaginarium

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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