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New Toulouse has seen strange sights before.  Zombies. Ghosts.  Hurricanes. Floods.  Last night I may have inadvertently added to the list.

You see, I have a skybox at 2000 meters over Java Jetcity’s Cafe Curiousity – since she’s Ceejay’s ‘little sister’, it’s allowed.  This skybox is our workshop, lazy lounging place, dressing room, and the only place Sam the Siamese cat seems to obey parcel borders.  It’s a fun place.

Last night I was working on a boat, getting it ready to sell.   It’s not a ‘normal’ boat. In fact, it’s a clawfooted bathtub with brass plumbing.  ANYway, I was attempting to carefully place two bars of soap into the ornate soapdish, when the Incident happened.  Instead of clicking Edit, I clicked the boat and activated myself as the pilot.

Boat scripts are interesting.  They diligently seek out water level in order to snug themselves down properly with the correct amount of displacement.  And I was 2000 meters in the sky.

The script behaved just as it should, and within nanoseconds I was hurtling through the New Toulouse skies, as my boat sought out the nearest source of water.   I literally augured into the Bayou at top speed.  I was left at the bottom of a swamp and the boat was tossed into my Lost and Found upon impact.

I did manage to keep my sunglasses on during the entire trip.

But I would like to reassure anyone who was on the streets of New Toulouse last night that no, there was no alien invasion.  Just a girl in a bathtub trailing bubbles while plummeting to oblivion.

I’d do it again.  That was fun!  Maybe I should organize a boat race, which starts high in the skies…

With any luck, the boat will be available for sale very soon.  Run away!


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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.


  • vasile mcmahn

    What a great post! I would have loved to see this in person but then my viewer would certainly have crashed, my laptop would have had a complete tizzy, and I would have been left wondering at who that streaking woman was steaming up my evening…
    Much better to read about it in hindsight I guess… but in truth, had i been there, you ms ceejay would have been the proverbial treasure found at the end of my personal rainbow.

    thanks again

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