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Book Review: Love, Factually

Love, FactuallyLove, Factually by Zig Zag Claybourne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Did I expect the author of The Brothers Jetstream and Afro Puffs Are the Antennae of the Universe to take on the Hallmark Romcom Movie genre this holiday season? No, I did not. Am I glad he did? Yes, I am!

I read this 60ish or so page story in the proper way, draped over a divan with my feet propped up and a cat on my lap. Tea was involved. I SHOULD have made a plate of taquitos, and that is a lamented missed opportunity.

If you want to extend the holiday season a wee bit longer, get cozy and enjoy a rare romcom that’s got plenty of heart and soul, but also brains, wit, books, taquitos, and a charming small town with a name I won’t say here for reasons (you’ll see.)

If there were actual televised romcoms like Love, Factually, I might watch them. But since that’s not likely, I’ll simply wait till the holidays roll around again to see if Zig Zag tackles the genre again. If not, I’ll just re-read this story and recommend it to everyone.

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