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Today I learned that two of the art blogs I link to in my sidebar changed URL’s, so I popped in here to change them.  Do take a peek at Virtually PJ and I Derryth if you’d like to keep up on the Second Life art scene.

As I was making this update, I noticed something that got me thinking. And you know how dangerous THAT can be! There’s a few links in my list that are to friends sites. I include them because I like those friends, and they’d possibly feel hurt if I didn’t link them.  But – I have a lot of friends I like, and why haven’t I linked to ALL their blogs?

I know the reason why, and am feeling honest. Some of the blogs I don’t link to belong to wonderful people who I enjoy immensely; I simply am not interested in the topics of their blogs. And they are mature people who don’t take that as a slight. In reverse, I’m certainly not offended if my blog isn’t on their list, either. There’s no law that I must be interested in everything my friends are, and vice versa!

If I expand this reasoning beyond my blog roll, things quickly get out of hand. Facebook is still tightly controlled, thank goodness, and only for contact specific people for specific reasons.  But when I look at Plurk, and my Second Life friends list, eeeeegads!

I know there’s heaps of people on both those lists that have no need to follow me. As likeable as they may be, we aren’t into the same interests. But, both sides are most likely caught in the catch-22 of ‘I can’t unfriend her! She’ll think something offended her! I can’t handle the potential of drama!’  And I know that happens – I’ve unfriended very nice people for absolutely no dramatic reason whatsoever, and been guilted into adding them right back.  Tricky, tricky stuff.

I’m not writing anything new here. We ALL have this issue.  But, did you know that you have my blessing to remove me from your plurkline or your SL friends list, with the assurance of no drama and complete understanding?  I won’t assume you hate me. I won’t wonder what horrible thing I said or did.   I’ll still know your name, and who you are. And if something interesting comes along I think you’d enjoy, I’ll let you know about it, with no strings of ‘official list’ friendship attached.

I dare you.  Unfriend me if I’m just an odd remnant on your list.  And feel free to chat me up when next we cross paths, with no hesitation.  Big Hugs!






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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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