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It’s Election Week In New Babbage!

In case you’ve been in outer space or under a rock for the past month, New Babbage’s Mayor, Shaunathan Sprocket, is stepping down and elections are underway for a new mayor. (In RL terms? This means selling the city to a candidate who’s able to support it both with his SL presence, AND his RL pocketbook). New Babbage is a city dear to the hearts of it’s eccentric, passionate, sometimes crazed residents and it’s been one hell of a campaign. It’s also inspired campaign videos for each of our candidates! In order to not play favorites, I’m posting these in the order of how the candidates entered the race.

“Aeolus Cleanslate throws his hat into the ring”

“Mosseveno Tenk for Mayor of New Babbage”
(The video isn’t 4:22, there’s all blank space after the 1:46 minute mark for some reason.)

And a bonus! “New Babbage Mayorial Debate: GET OUT THE VOTE”

And a few more… just in case anyone’s forgotten what it’s really all about:

A Steampunk Christmas in New Babbage

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