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Book Review: Gwynn Place

This short story is the fourth and final book of the “Manor House” tales. To read all my reviews for the Manor House series, here are the links. Book One: Carrick House ~ Book Two: Selwyn Place ~ Book Three: Holly Cottage ~ Book Four: Gwynn Place

Gwynn Place: A short steampunk adventure (Magnificent Devices Book 19)Gwynn Place: A short steampunk adventure by Shelley Adina
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claire’s little brother, eight-year-old Nicholas, has left with his tutor to attend school at Eton. But when his family learns that they never arrived, it’s up to Claire to save the day again – if she can figure out how to track someone who’s completely vanished.

I enjoyed spending much of this book viewing the adventure from young Nicholas’s point of view. I won’t give away all the plot twists, but will mention that he definitely proves himself to be filled with the same bravery and spirit as his big sister Claire.

As I’ve come to expect and rely on, author Shelley Adina kept the story captivating as everyone did everything they could think of to find Nicholas. And the story lives up to its ‘Devices’ brand with the startling use of a steampunk’s dream device. Well played, flock! Well played.

Oh, and then there’s that other surprise revealed late in the book… but that would be telling.

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