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Book Review: Fix the World

Fix the WorldFix the World by J. Scott Coatsworth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s lots of ways to break the world, and plenty of diverse, interesting ways to fix it. There’s twelve good examples in this engaging, enjoyable, extremely inclusive, joyously LBGTQ+ anthology. I’ll mention my three favorite stories – however, I really did like the entire collection.

If you like sassy, boldly sexy sci-fi, watch for “Upgrade”. My mental images were *way* more entertaining than I should probably be admitting to!

“The Call of the Wold” is a magnificent celebration of the experience and wisdom that can only be achieved through the act of growing old. I consider this story to be a backlash to the catch-phrase retort I’ve grown tired of seeing all over social media, “Okay, Boomer”. Older readers will feel empowered. Younger readers will realize that people of all ages have true value, and need each other.

“The Homestead at the Beginning of the World” is a lovely, cozy story with a deliberately Hobbitish feel. For a welcome change of pace, we’re not the ones who destroyed our own planet, this time around it was a horrific alien invasion. I do wish this particular story had been given a final edit – there’s many typos and missing punctuation. But just blow past those, as the story is worth much more than the nitpick.

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