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Book Review: Defy or Defend

Defy or Defend  (Delightfully Deadly, #2)Defy or Defend by Gail Carriger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By far my favorite of the Delightfully Deadly series! I gobbled this one up in no time and could easily have spent another two wacky weeks with the Supernatural and Spy Sets.

Dimity, a War Office spy, is assigned to find out why a vampire hive has ‘gone Goth’, which is a very bad thing. If she can’t get the situation under control, the entire hive will have to be destroyed. Sir Crispin has also been assigned to the case, to provide safety to Dimity during her mission.

So, it’s off they go to Nottingham, bound for Budgy Hall, which is the home of the floundering vampire hive. They’re posing as an artistic married couple. Of course they must share a room… and a bed… well, I’m leaving that right there. However you think they dealt with that delicate situation, you’re wrong, delightfully so. The entire book is one long slow burn/tease that’s absolutely delicious.

I found the situation at Budgy Hall quite over the top in the best of ways. Between the vampires, their ‘nibbles’, our faux-married couple, a Corgi, various tradesfolk, to say nothing of the werewolf, there’s never a dull moment.

If you read and enjoyed the Finishing School series, you’ll happily sink your teeth into this fun adventure.

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