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Crazy Dream

Being overly exhausted today, I came home from work and dropped for a nap – which ended up being two solid hours of sleeping so deep I nearly came out the other side of the earth.  At some point during this, I had a dream.  It was pretty impressive to be a part of, so I thought I would toss it out here for anyone who would care to analyze it – cause I have nooooo theory myself!

The whole thing took place in one location. It started in my home, which Ken had pulled all apart for a deep cleaning – furniture shoved against walls, shelves cleared and such. As I stumbled around trying to find something, I kept finding lots of other things, including a pillow that belonged to my Newcastle friend, left on her last visit (she didn’t leave a pillow in reality). I kept wandering, and now noticed there were a couple of guys relaxing in the dining room. I somehow knew they were old friends of Kens. We talked about dinner, and I decided to cook for us all.  I went to the kitchen, and felt like Alice in Wonderland – EVERYTHING was oversized, the kitchen counter was my nose-height! There were colorful whimsical utensils and bowls and flowers everywhere. Very Disney-ish. I suddenly ‘remembered’ we had just moved into this house and the original owner was an Alice fan, and had this fun-kitchen built.  I went into the next room and found the ‘normal’ kitchen.

I ripped into a packet of ground venison, and alas, it was full of chili cheese fries that spilled everywhere. Dinner is ruined! But Ken’s friends (who now numbered five) said we could order Subway. I searched a long time for the phone, and as I did, I kept bumping into more and more people, all of them dressed in their finest steampunk garb. When I was able to focus on the full scope of things, it seems I had a steampunk Con going in the house – must have been 100 people crammed in there. One of them was an absolutely adorable girl who started hitting on me. We were holding hands when I woke up, completely disoriented!

Okay, have at it, analysts!



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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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