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Brussels Slaw

So, I invented a slaw! While I love traditional cabbage-based coleslaw, it sometimes lacks a depth of flavors. Not so with a Brussels sprouts based slaw. I’m not going to list exact measurements, because I haven’t made this the same way twice, but it’s been great every time.

One thing that’s a constant, though, is that the Brussells sprouts need to be the main ingredient. Whatever else you put in, make sure there’s more sprouts than anything else. That’s where the complex, rich flavor comes from.

I cook low-sodium, so there’s no salt in my slaw. I don’t miss it, but you might, so season to taste if you wish.

Make sure all the vegetables are raw and fresh, and everything is finely chopped/shredded. The finer the shred, the more luxurious your slaw will be. The secret of slaw-ing the Brussells sprouts is this: Chop off the thick stem, then halve the raw sprouts. You’ll see a cone-shaped core at the stem end. Make a V-shaped cut to remove that. Yes, lots of leaves will fall off, but who cares? It’s all getting shredded. I shove the loose leaves to the side to fine-chop separately.

Flip your sprout-halves down on the cut side and slice as finely as possible. Or use whatever nifty modern device you might have to fine-slice them. I’m old-fashioned and use a sharp knife. (I love the process of preparing food by hand as much as I love eating it!)


Brussells Sprouts prepared as described above. I’ve been using a couple dozen per batch. After shredding, I use my fingers to break up any slices that didn’t fall apart to be sure its as shreddy as possible.

Broccoli florets. JUST the bits on the end of the florets. Those little round things at the very end. That’s all you want in this slaw. Anything chunkier will interfere with that soft and silky slaw. Save the rest for a cream of broccoli puree or some-such. A quarter cupful will deepen the slaw’s flavor nicely.

Sweet white onion, finely chopped. Just a bit, a few tablespoons at most. This is for seasoning’s sake.

Radishes. I’ve been fine-chopping three large ones.

Carrots! Shred them with a box-shredder if you’re like me, or use your favorite device. Two small carrots have been working well for me.

Mix all the veggies thoroughly. Season them with garlic powder, black pepper and a bit of hot pepper flakes. Use as much of each as seems right to you, this slaw is NOT an exact science.

When you’re ready to serve, plop in just enough mayonnaise to coat everything. You want it creamy but not resembling mayonnaise soup. Mix with a fork very, very thoroughly.

Enjoy, and keep the bowl close by for seconds because you will want them.

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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