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Book Review: The Triads of Ireland

Triads of Ireland
The Triads of Ireland – An Illustrated Collection Written and Illustrated by Olivia Wylie

Triads are an ancient Irish form of verse, vaguely similar to Japanese Haiku poetry. Even though these triads were written very long ago, when read thoughtfully they still apply to the world of today. My recommendation would be to read one triad a day, which allows you ample time to think about its meaning and place in your life.

There’s one triad and its illustration, that made me laugh out loud. I won’t tell you which one, but I’ll hint by saying that my reaction was a belly-laugh. Other triads encouraged me to contemplate current world leadership and global challenges. You may find triads that apply to your relationships, job situation, or more inwardly looking, yourself. This is a book that gives as much as you care to take from it.

While the book is easy to enjoy by anyone, it also serves as a scholarly companion to the reference studies of Kuno Meyer. Though the poetry is shared in English, the original Irish versions are also included, along with the author/artist’s explanation of the symbols she used throughout in her vibrant, meaningful illustrations.

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