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Book Review: So I’m A Vampire’s Familiar

So I'm A Vampire's FamiliarSo I’m A Vampire’s Familiar by Shayna Grissom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, it seems vampires are real, after all. But, expectations and reality aren’t seeing eye to eye for our intrepid protagonist, Cadence. She’s finally achieved her goal of becoming a vampire’s familiar, which is like a personal secretary, nursemaid and housekeeper all rolled into one. And her vampire isn’t exactly the man of her dreams. But, she’s determined to make this work, and reach her ultimate goal.

Shayna Grissom’s world is gritty, cynical and to be blunt, sometimes rather disgusting. Weak stomachs may prefer the Twilight vampires over these imperfect, curious undead creatures. But, the plot’s a strong one and kept me constantly wondering what the heck was going to happen to Cadence next. The story stays strong right through to the last page.

A small aside, I did notice many editing oversights, and would encourage the author to have a proofreader take a pass through the manuscript. A story this intriguing and unusual deserves to shine!

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