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Book Review: Somebody Feed Phil, The Book

Somebody Feed Phil the Book: The Official Companion Book with Photos, Stories, and Favorite Recipes from Around the World (A Cookbook)Somebody Feed Phil the Book: The Official Companion Book with Photos, Stories, and Favorite Recipes from Around the World by Phil Rosenthal
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If you enjoyed watch Phil Rosenthal’s food/travel series, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having and Somebody Feed Phil, this combination cookbook and travelogue is a must-have memento of Phil’s travels around the world.

If you haven’t seen the series, you’ll still find the book to be an enjoyable read, with plenty of international recipes to try. But I really recommend you search out the television series too, because reading the book with Phil’s friendly, earnest voice in your head is just so much fun!

Phil is not a cook, nor does he want to be one. What he wants is to find the good cooks of the world and spend time with them. More importantly, he wants you to search them out, too. That’s his underlying not-so-secret agenda. Phil has enjoyed traveling, making friends and eating fantastic food, and really, really, really hopes you’ll consider doing the same.

I love that Phil’s anecdotes have plenty of room to ramble. He should never be cut short when telling a story – never!

So far, I’ve only tried one recipe, the Banh Mi Loaves on page 29 (hardback edition). Yummy as heck! My small quibble with the recipe is that they left one ingredient out of the list. It was only water, and the correct amount was mentioned when we got into the instructions, but still, it should have been in the ingredient list. Be sure to read and review the recipes before you use them, just to be sure you have everything you’ll need.

This book belongs on every foodie’s shelf. Well-traveled folk will identify with his impressions of people, cities, and food around the world, which are bound to spark your own memories. If you haven’t traveled yet, don’t feel left out – YOU are Phil’s target audience. He wants you to be happy, be fed, and have adventures similar to his. If for some reason you can’t travel, you can still roam the earth vicariously through Phil’s storytelling.

I could have saved a lot of words by simply saying this book is for everyone!

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