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Book Review: Arko: The Dark Union

Arko: The Dark Union (A Sci-fi Adventure Series)Arko: The Dark Union by U.W. Leo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While scientists in Mexico work on Mayan ruins research , their offspring are off discovering—and playing around with—ancient alien technology. Eventually they do the right thing and bring their parents in on the discovery. As the grownups and kids explore deeper, they find dinosaur eggs…and figure out how to hatch them! That’s when the fun really starts.

My only reservation is that the characters seem as if they aren’t fully developed. Their emotions tend to be simplistic, or absent. Possibly this has been amplified by the process of translating the book into English. I may be overly picky about that, and I wouldn’t let it deter you from giving the story a chance.

Overall, this is a cute, engaging, message-driven book that should keep your tween reader engrossed to the end.

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