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Book Review: A Born Angel

A Born Angel (Kalista Chronicles, #1)A Born Angel by Jenn A. Morales
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s clear the author put a lot of thought into worldbuilding and character development. From the first pages of the book, we’re immersed in a world quite unlike our own, with its own politics, unique characters, and even snippets of a rather beautiful unhuman language. We start with a short prologue that sets the stage concisely, and to my relief doesn’t go overly long.

Chapter one drops us abruptly into a grungy back alley in the Blood Demon Sector, where we meet our protagonist, a high-school age girl named Kalista. She’s in a world of hurt, and that’s an understatement. This is her story, told through her eyes in first-person format. I am almost always in favor of learning about a new world through the viewpoint of the main character, and this story is no exception.

What follows is an epic tale in the style of the classic Hero’s Journey adventures. This looks to be the first in a series, so if you enjoy the story, you’ll hopefully have more to look forward to.
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