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Book Review: The Beginner’s Guide to Candy Making

The Beginner's Guide to Candy Making: Simple and Sweet Recipes for Chocolates, Caramels, Lollypops, Gummies, and MoreThe Beginner’s Guide to Candy Making: Simple and Sweet Recipes for Chocolates, Caramels, Lollypops, Gummies, and More by Elizabeth LaBau
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To misuse an old cliché, “If you only own one candy making cookbook, make it this one!” I’m not kidding. This cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes, While it does have heaps of recipes, you’ll also have a guide to candy making equipment, an overview of techniques, a collection of online resources, and a really fun section on finishing techniques and candy decorations that’ll give your already sumptuous sweets some extra pizzazz.

Because homemade candy can be quite fussy and temperamental, troubleshooting guides are included to help you figure out what might have gone wrong so you can try again with a better chance of success.

The recipes run the gamut of traditional favorites through modern variations which use unexpected flavors and ingredients. There’s something for everyone – and I can’t seem to get over the fact that there’s *three* recipes for lollipops! Will you choose to make Classic, Victorian-esque, or Quite Modern lollies? I want to make all three.

I’ve not made candy very often in my life, but that may change soon. It helps when someone has your back, and author Elizabeth LaBau makes sure her book won’t let you down.

My thanks to Elizabeth LaBau, Quarto Publishing Group – Quarry, New Shoe Press, and NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital advance review copy of this book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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