Lori Alden Holuta is a fiction editor and writer living in the wilds of Michigan. A nitpicker by nature with mild synthesia (words evoke sounds in her mind), she enjoys the editing process immensely. Give her a hot cup of tea and 50,000 words to proofread, and just watch her face light up. She’s been editing fiction novels for years, and understands the strange nuances of world-building. She will nurture and protect your characters like a momma bear, and holds the highest respect for the unique lore of your fantastical universe.

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The Brassbright Chronicle is an informative and entertaining 'newspaper', containing news, reviews, and gossip revolving around the fictional country of Industralia. It's the home of Lori Alden Holuta's Victorian-Era Steampunk-ish Carnival-esque Bohemian Urban Fantasy Comedy (that’s a genre, right?) books. It's also where you'll find the ever-popular Steampunk Curse Generator. (Link takes you to another website)

Living Simply

I’m an earthmomma by nature and choice. I'd rather make or re-purpose or grow or forage  something myself than buy it. It's just more satisfying, and fun! Some years ago I wrote articles about living simply at a website called… Living Simply. For fun, I’ve re-posted some of that content here at A License To Quill.  If there are other simple living topics you’d like me to write about, I’ll certainly entertain the notion.

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