"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words." ~ Mark Twain

Start the Presses!

I am so excited!  I’ve turned over my novel manuscript to an independent publishing house for printing and distribution! I’m a firm believer in supporting indie publishing, so this felt like a really smart move. They tell me they use what’s called a ‘Gutenberg’ press, and that it will deliver…

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Dawn’s Early Light: The Blog Tour! Q&A Time with Tee and Pip

Photo by J.R. Blackwell Pip Ballantine: Prolific award-winning author, podcaster, cat-herder, New Zealander on special assignment in the States, wife and mother, blogger.  Tee Morris: Writer of Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Podcast Pioneer, partaker of good cigars and scotch, assistant cat-herder, father, husband, thespian.  Together, they fight crime! (Okay, I just really wanted to say that.)…

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