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Werks from the Iron Road releases Werk-Books Version 3.0

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July 18, 2022

Werks from the Iron Road releases Werk-Books Version 3.0
Set to revolutionize digital books and publishing in Second Life

Werks from the Iron Road, a webstore and design house based in the virtual world of Second Life, has announced the arrival of Werk-Books Book Scripts Package, version 3.0, to its Second Life Marketplace webstore and at its virtual store inside Second Life.

The package is available at a price of 0 L$ under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. This means that anyone can use the package to produce their own works – and sell those works in Second Life as they see fit.

The package, which consists of pre-written scripts, a note-card, and a sound effect, can be used to produce virtual books thousands of pages in length at potentially a fraction of the cost of other virtual publishing systems in Second Life. It can also accommodate interactive fiction and role-playing games, books meant to be sold commercially, and books meant to be given out for free. It replaces Werk-Books Book Scripts Package, versions 1.5 (Commercial & Non-Profit) and version 2.0 (Roleplaying Games Edition)

For more information on Product Please Visit:

For Press Inquiries Only:
Please contact: Nika Thought-werk in Second Life (via IM or Notecard)

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