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Book Review: Signal Moon

Signal MoonSignal Moon by Kate Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A couple of decades ago I was sitting in my car, parked at the side of the road next to a bus stop in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the bus to arrive. It was very early, dawn was just starting to make an appearance. I fiddled with the radio to pass the time, and somehow tuned in to a San Francisco traffic report. The thing is, I was near Seattle. For the next twenty minutes, my focus narrowed down to this little miracle, something I knew was called ‘shooting skip’. That happens when something in the atmosphere is in the mood to bounce signals far and wide. I was startled when the bus showed up, as I was yanked from that cozy little piece of elsewhere that had been gifted to me.

I remembered that feeling as I read Signal Moon. This marvelous little story captures the thrill of shooting skip and gives it a boost like you wouldn’t believe! The skip travels through time, connecting wartime communications interceptors, each caught up in their generation’s World War. The adventure they take together is immersive and engrossing. This is a short story, so don’t rush it, don’t skim – savor every word. This is something special.

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