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Book Review: Rolling the Dice: Tales of the Thirsty Meeple #2

Andrea – Andi for short – is a legal professional who’s just reached the first anniversary of becoming a widow. Her therapist has advised her to start trying to get out and socialize more. Not date! Just socialize. Andi searched online for some likely places to try, and found The Hungry Meeple, a casual, fun pub for gaming enthusiasts, and decides to give it a try. After all, she was fairly good at games in her student days.

Dane, a private investigator who sometimes worked with Andi’s legal firm, recalls her as ‘the one that got away’, when he was too slow in asking her out. He’s always regretted that. Dane’s an avid gamer and a regular at The Thirsty Meeple.

Can you just guess who Andi bumps into on her first visit to The Thirsty Meeple?

While the premise might seem like a perfect setup for two souls meant to be together, it’s not all fluff and flirt. When Andi suddenly needs to help someone in danger, can Dane understand whos needs come first? When Andi says she needs to take it slow, will Dane be okay with that? And when Andi hits an emotional crisis point, will Dane run?

If you’re looking for a fairytale romance, try Cinderella. But if you understand that real people aren’t perfect, broken people need to mend, and people tend to get what they deserve (good and bad), you will find yourself coaxing the well-developed, likeable (and occasionally dislikable) characters in this fast-paced story on to get what each of them truly deserve.

I read this story in one sitting, as I couldn’t find a place to put it down without wondering what would happen next.  I normally give a good romance 4 stars, but I’m going for 5 stars here. The extra star is for not chickening out on developing complex, difficult characters.

Warnings for situations involving emotional and physical violence, and HIV/AIDS.

My thanks to Author Sheryl Nantus for allowing me to read a digital advance review copy of this book. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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