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Oiling Festival Time

Blatently ganking this intact from A Man Of The Maths. 🙂

New Babbage is gearing up for their annual spring holiday when industry comes to a grinding halt to allow for machine maintenance.

Saturday, March 21 – Competitions open
Sunday – R.F. Burton Library opening “Past Futures” 2-4pm
Tuesday – Oil Changing Party at Radio Riel New Babbage, 2-3pm and 8-9pm
Tuesday – Announcement of Honking Big Machine lottery results
Thursday – Games Night at CocoaJava Cafe, 5-7pm
Friday – Honking Big Machine display, competitions close at midnight
Saturday – Competition judging
Saturday evening – Steamfitter’s Industrial Gold Themed Ball (RFL kickoff) 6-9pm
Sunday – Kite Festival and placing of ribbons

Event and competition descriptions are available from any Oiling Festival poster in New Babbage.

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