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I was snooping about, looking for some tie-dye in Second Life (long story) when purely by accident I found The Perfect Taco Trailer Park and Taco Stand. Clearly I could not NOT visit.

It’s cute. It’s simplistic. It is unpretentious. Maybe I’ve visited too many lofty, perfect, stunningly gorgeous sims lately. Cause I found The Perfect Taco to be absolutely charming in its fresh-faced innocence and plain, simple values. I breathed a deep breath of fresh virtual air… slightly tinged with the scent of laundry and simmering taco beef. I bought a huge, loaded to the max taco (only $L3!) which fed my avatar and nourished my weary, weary brain. A $L3 taco. Best lindens I’ve ever spent.

After I talked myself out of purchasing an Elvis Lounge Set (a value! $L25!), I surfed over to their companion website, Living La Vida Taco.

And there I saw it. I swear, quote Tom Robbin’s “Jitterbug Perfume” at me and I’m all yours, at least till Tuesday.

”I’ve worked at five Mexican restaurants in three years. I’m searching for the perfect taco.”
~Priscilla, Jitterbug Perfume
I’ll be back. The next time polite, refined society drives me up the wall, I’ll be back. And I just might nab that Elvis Lounge Set next time. I may not rent a trailer here, I may only flit in on occasion and may never meet another soul here… but The Perfect Taco sings to me.

Visit The Perfect Taco in Second Life

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.


  • Ceejay Writer

    Wow. The internet never fails to amaze – I just popped off this little blog piece this afternoon and here is the owner of The Perfect Taco, responding! It's good to meet you – a fellow Tom Robbins fan, and one who enjoys the simple pleasures of SL too. I will be back, and I predict, often. I will try to make it to an event and see if I can meet some of the locals, too! Thanks for responding, and take care! — Ceejay

  • theperfecttaco

    Hello, I'm the owner of The Perfect Taco Trailer Park & Taco Stand. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by & for your lovely piece on us:~) Logging in & finding your link back to my site & reading your post was such a wonderful way to start my day. It's just too bad the garbage runs in the morning, so it's only downhill from here>_<

    Created for fun more than profit, it is just as you said, a simple, unpretentious alternative to all the shiny beach homes, big city high rises, & *shudder* trash nasty trailer parks that abound in SL. Prior to going premium myself, I had rented a trailer in another park & ran another trailer blog, so I knew what I wanted when I started looking for land. I was reading Jitterbug Perfume when I bought the land, so The Perfect Taco hit me as the perfect name, & the taco stand was born from there.

    The Perfect Taco is open for all to enjoy, so please feel free to stop by anytime. Besides just the trailers & tacos, we have a rec area on the hill with fishing & swimming & a dive bar in the sky. There is a teleporter & sign board by the taco stand, so you can see what's there & hop on over. I just got a couple of new parcels, so I'm in the process of changing things around a bit, but the teleporters are up to date with what's there & where it is. We also have regular events & our calendar is on the site.

    Thanks again!

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