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Book Review: Let’s Be Frank: A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father, The Media Mogul You’ve Never Heard of

Let's be FrankLet’s be Frank by Jane Munna
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you enjoy behind-the-scenes glimpses into what make all that magic show up on movie screens, televisions, and streaming technology, you’ll find this book to be an eye-opener.

Frank Biondi’s name probably isn’t known to you. Yet, his influence permeated the entertainment industry during his career as a CEO of HBO, Universal Studios, and Viacom. You almost never hear about the quiet, hardworking folks who make their way in the world through integrity, not scandal, but Frank’s daughter Jane is here to change all that with this tribute to her late father.

You won’t find eyepopping tell-all stories revealed in this book (though there are some great anecdotes!) because Frank wasn’t that sort of guy. But if you’re ready to acknowledge that good, honest people can succeed in Hollywood, this is your next book.

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