Second Life

It was a BIG weekend!

How BIG was it? I’m glad you asked!

Big Egg Win!
Congratulations to my friend Gumi Yao of Gumi’s Flower Shop for her winning entry in the BunnyJam! Her robin’s egg in a vine nest with trailing leaves was just delightful, and I’m so happy for her.

Big Purchase!
The dashing Mister Moses Mureaux sold the lot next to the CocoaJava Cafe, and guess who bought it! I swear – I remember way back when I laughed at the notion of renting a room. Slippery slope, that. I purchased a plot of land in Babbage Palisade, and felt that was enough. Then I ate up all the prims, and well… you know how it goes! I have a notion for a build, it will take some time, so stay tuned.

Big Fireflies!
Having suddenly come into a fresh pile of prims, I set out three jars of fireflies on the tables at the CocoaJava Cafe. This is worth mentioning since they were created by Leyla Firefly, an admitted primgobbler. So I am being decadent until I need the prims back for my new construction. I sent this message out to the townsfolk: Hear ye hear ye! Enjoy a romantic interlude at the CocoaJava Cafe, NOW featuring sweet little jars of firefly light at each cafe table. Perfect for reflecting the warm blush of the cheeks of your sweetiepie. Enjoy this effect SOON as these damn jars are 43 prims EACH and I have three set out. I’m just reveling in tonight’s acquisition of 468 fresh prims. The fireflies WILL die as I start construction soon. Goodnight and good glowing, Babbage!

Big Deadlines!
I finished the last of four articles this weekend, and am breathing that happy sigh of ‘all done!’ relief now. I’m sure it won’t be long before I take on some new writing assignments, but for now…. ah, time to relax a bit.

Big 80’s Hair! (Okay, 1780’s )
I was gifted with a little coiffed ‘do this weekend. I wanted to show it off in Babbage, but had to go stand in the public stockyards to do so. There aren’t many ceilings that can deal with this hair. I did find out later that the New Champagne Rooms are spacious enough that I could pose and grab a picture. I’ll be amazed if I don’t have whiplash soon… but it’s all in the name of fashion! Please marvel at Curio Obscura’s ‘Rococo Fantastico’ hairstyle. From the notecard… “Now is your chance to show that snooty Marie Antoinette who the real queen is. Rococo Fantastico is the biggest hairstyle you will ever see. It takes six zeppelins and four propellers just to keep it up! Includes clockwork ballroom with porcelain dancers. Choose your own colour, bows, flowers, and style!”

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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