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Five Fantastic Reasons To Log In This Weekend

I’ve got a flurry of weekend events to mention, all of varied interest to Ceejaytopians. Open up your calendar right now and get ready to add these events!

FIRST! Friday night – starting at 1pm slt, in celebration of our latest edition of Prim Perfect which featured the sims of Costa Rica, enjoy live music leading up to The Great Gatsby Ball (Black tie Roaring 20’s formal) at the estate home of WK Ganesvoort. Read all the details at the Prim Perfect blog

SECOND! Saturday, starting at 12pm slt, we celebrate our third year of sassy, classy burlesque at the New Champagne Rooms. Find out all the Silver Screen Ball in the Primgraph Blog.

THIRD! Directly after the Silver Screen Ball, we go live to join the television studio audience to film another episode of Metaverse Arts, hosted by Miss Tricia Aferdita, who is herself a Ceejaytopian and one durn fine artist. And you will find the details about this episode here at the Metaverse Arts Blog.

FOURTH! Avalon Town Presents Art History with a Twist: Richard Dadd: Fairies, Murder & Bedlam! Sunday, 3pm SLT in the Avalon Speaker’s Hall.
Intrepid Prim Perfect Owner Saffia Widdershins will discuss the strange and wonderful art of Victorian fairy painter Richard Dadd. Questions and lively discussion welcome!

And finally…. FIFTH!
Live at Five at the Java Jive! Miss Andy Riverstone sings vintage Jazz classics as only she can, at the Java Jive in Seraph City. There’s no more graceful way to end a weekend than an hour of live jazz and vintage dancing.

Whew. I best get a little rest now, it’s going to be one amazing weekend!

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