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Fantasy Faire Chat Transcript: The AI-lephant In The Room

Writing Workshop with Ceejay Writer: The AI-lephant in the Room – Is ChatGPT our Friend or Enemy?
April 29, 2024 – 3:00pm-4:00pm SLT
Second Life – Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival (to benefit Relay for Life)
There’s no denying that AI is here, probably to stay. How can a writer ethically make use of this technology to get tasks done, and still sleep well at night? My co-host for this workshop will be ChatGPT itself!
Full transcript of this workshop follows:

Kameo McCullough: Hi, Ceejay.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Hoot hoot!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Afternoon.
Kameo McCullough grins
Ceejay Writer: Allo allo!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Ahoy ahoy. 😀
moi (moichispa): hello 😉
Sly (swoodham): hello 🙂
Sly (swoodham): hey Moi
Ceejay Writer: Hi Sly! I feel like I’ve seen so much of you lately!
Sly (swoodham): haha
Kameo McCullough: Oh my, another fish!
moi (moichispa): you look lovely today Ceejay
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Blubblub helloo!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Ahoy Beasil. 😀
Kameo McCullough: And another!! Almost a school!
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Heey big gryff
Ceejay Writer: This probably isn’t the time to mention I’m having seafood for dinner after this workshop.
Kameo McCullough giggles
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Aah seafood is also my fav
moi (moichispa): ops
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Gnomm
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Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): “Some folk said they’d like to see more of me around the place, so I gained weight.”
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Ahahahaha
Kameo McCullough: Hey, a lot of fish like seafood, too!
Ceejay Writer: Ba-da-BOOM
Beasil boops Darkmuzzle’s nose!
Kameo McCullough: I like your line, Paws, I may borrow it.
Kameo McCullough: For RL!
Kameo McCullough chuckles
Ceejay Writer: I get some of my best stuff inworld.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): =D
Sly (swoodham): shoot I got some viking dresses today that I should wear to some faire events. sad I missed the sky dancing earlier
Ceejay Writer: I’ve been out in RL all day, very much hoping for some Faire exploration time tomorrow.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Welcoime home. 😀
fyre (fyreflower): Good Faire afternoon all, i shall brb fast
Ceejay Writer: A fish ‘sitting’ on a rock is… well, that is a sight.
Kash Canis: Lol
Tanix (deathninja5551): whey look
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Maybe we should have a bucket of water handy.
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Yes my gills are getting flakey
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): For emergencies!
Sly (swoodham): at lest its nto flopping around
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): (weba you two) 😀
Keito Pamface (tails41347): Hai again! Pam! 😀
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): oof
Tanix (deathninja5551): caw
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Caw!
Keito Pamface (tails41347): IT’s somewhere close
Tanix (deathninja5551): whispers: it’s just around here
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire) didn’t eat no clues.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire) doublechecks she’s not laying on any,
moi (moichispa): I forgot did you use voice Ceejay?
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Like hey there Scoob!
Ceejay Writer: No voice, this is alllllll text.
Wildstar Beaumont: hi Ceejay 🙂
Sly (swoodham): nice jaguar fyre, hopefully the fish isn’t tempting
Ceejay Writer: I was attacked by a Giant Bugblatter Beast of Traal and thrashed about by the neck so currently have no voice
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev) gasps.
Sly (swoodham): a few wild cats today
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): THe jags all thrive on the mischief of tripping fairelanders with their infinite tails.
Ceejay Writer: After the workshop, I’ll post our chatlog at my websites on my blogs – ceejaywriter.com and brassbrightcity.com
Saffia Widdershins: Previous reading just finished – I think some people are heading this way!
Ceejay Writer: Braced for incoming!
moi (moichispa): nice
fyre (fyreflower): backs
moi (moichispa) prefers text
Ceejay Writer: I do too, Moi.
Kameo McCullough nods to moi in agreement
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev) is trying SO HARD not to pet all the Theos.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): More hors-d’œuvres for table 3!
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): Just warning you, I may fail.
fyre (fyreflower): My Theo doesn’t mind
Kameo McCullough: Oh, Magda, don’t try too hard. They all love it! 🙂
fyre (fyreflower): You definitely can pet rabbit too
fyre (fyreflower): what Kaneo said
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): All the animals, don’t stop at just -some-
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev) runs around and gives all the pets lovely pets and scritches and ear rubs, then spazzes out in joy.
fyre (fyreflower): You all look Fairelands Fantastic today!
Tanix (deathninja5551): caw
Ceejay Writer: Saffia, let me know when you think we’ve gathered everyone in.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Caw!
Skye Temple Ruins Stone Type 1: Access denied.
Skye Temple Ruins Stone Type 1: Access denied.
moi (moichispa): You too fyre 😉
Keito Pamface (tails41347): Caw caw! Pam! 😀
Sly (swoodham): going to try to stay out of this debate today
Kameo McCullough: This is a really nice turn out! Glad to see so many folks attending. A lot of interest. 🙂
Ceejay Writer: I love the crowds here!!!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Ahoy, ahoy.
moi (moichispa): I forgot there was a quest chest here
Seeress Seidkona (seeress): That’s what I’m after … Sorry to interrupt
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Follow the feesh
Ceejay Writer: No worries! Quest away!
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Griffn
Vernden Jervil: What is your quest?
Tanix (deathninja5551): caw
Liz Wilner: hi Ori 🙂
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Yee
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): To seek the grail!
Ceejay Writer: Vernden, BLUE! Wait.
Sly (swoodham): will help my vision if the feathered friends will stop flapping please
moi (moichispa): enjoy the quest
Logicat Jameson (logicat.quan): African or European swallow?
fyre (fyreflower): I just said hello to my chatgpt and informed it was special guest today lolz
moi (moichispa): it’s near the fish 😉
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): GPT is a decent editor/proofreader if nothing else. 😀
Ceejay Writer: Fyre, hah! But actually it is, just in a ‘delayed’ way. (I crafted this workshop with ChatGPT in advance)
fyre (fyreflower): I use it for outlines and some brainstorming
Ceejay Writer: Well, I think we should get started!
fyre (fyreflower): Nice Ceejay! I have been looking forward to this
Sly (swoodham): yay
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Same, and NovelAI for generating spontaneous lore.
fyre (fyreflower) shooshes and gets out notebook*
Oriella Charik: The AI made me say this
Ceejay Writer: This is an odd workshop, but I really wanted to give this a try and so lets see how it goes.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Anywways yes, here we go!
Talia Tokugawa stops trying to get tts working oO
Ceejay Writer: I’ve had a conversation with ChatGPT recently and it’s the core of what I’ll be sharing.
moi (moichispa): oh there is a novel AI?
moi (moichispa): wonders of the future
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT isn’t actually *here* with us right now, so it can’t respond to your questions. But please feel free to ask me questions or share your opinions along the way. I’ll also be voicing my opinions at ChatGPT as we go, too.
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Wow we could have invited ChatGPT in bot form
Ceejay Writer: Maybe next time! That would be… weird!
Ceejay Writer: Here we go:
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: ChatGPT, can you tell me some ways that novel writers can ethically use ChatGPT?
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: Writers can use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for their novels. They can input prompts or questions related to their story concept or characters and receive creative suggestions from the AI to inspire their writing.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: I’ve tried this out of curiousity, and was disappointed. I received one concept suggestion and twenty variations on that exact same concept. I felt that GPT was padding out the results. But worse, I feel that this process removes the evolution of discovery. Part of a writer’s job is to work through the thought processes, experimenting with ‘what if’ scenarios, getting to know and understand potential characters and situations.
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: ChatGPT can help writers flesh out their characters by engaging in dialogues with them. Writers can input a character profile or background information and have conversations with the AI to explore their characters’ personalities, motivations, and backstories.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: If ChatGPT is ‘playing’ my characters, it’s no longer me developing their personal histories. Using data generated by ChatGPT sounds a lot like I’m letting AI write my character’s stories. Hard pass.
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: Writers can use ChatGPT to assist in worldbuilding by asking questions about the setting, culture, history, and technology of their fictional world. The AI can provide insights and suggestions to enrich the world of the novel.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: In order to get relevant answers, a writer would first need to describe every aspect of their fictional world to ChatGPT. EVERY aspect. This feels like I’d be walking the long way around the block, and—just like with character development—depriving myself of the organic discovery process.
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: Writers can use ChatGPT as a writing assistant to improve their prose. They can input passages of their novel and receive suggestions for sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and style, helping them to refine their writing.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: And now we’re sending all the line editors to the unemployment office. Which, incidentally, includes me. Writing is not the only hat that I wear to work. I’m starting to feel cynical. But let’s press on.
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: I can assist writers in conducting research for their novels by providing information on various topics. Writers can input questions or keywords related to their research topic, and the AI can provide relevant facts, explanations, or insights to inform their writing.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: Basically, ChatGPT is suggesting it be used as a search engine. I have done this. Just yesterday, I wanted to clarify the meaning of an item mentioned often in the Regency novel, “The Benevolent Society of Ill-mannered Ladies” by Alison Goodman. I asked ChatGPT, “In the context of the Edwardian era, what is a wafer? Exclude food items. Focus on the sending of letters.” Here’s what I got:
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: In the context of mailing letters, a “wafer” refers to a small adhesive seal used to secure the folds of a letter or document closed before envelopes became widely used. During the Edwardian era and earlier periods, when envelopes were less common or not yet standardized, people often used wafers to close letters. These wafers were typically made from a mixture of flour and water, pressed into small disks and allowed to dry. To seal a letter, a dab of moisture (often from licking or using a damp cloth) would be applied to the wafer, activating its adhesive properties and allowing it to stick the folds of the paper together securely. This practice of using wafers for sealing letters persisted for many centuries before envelopes became the dominant method of correspondence enclosure.
Scooby Loochie-Doo (loochie): Sound like a recipe for disaster. lol
Ceejay Writer: (and not very tasty!)
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire) winces quietly. Has had to correct GPT’s facts…. so….. many… times… 😀
Ceejay Writer: I’ve done some correcting, too, on other topics.
moi (moichispa): smack Chatgpt on the head for me, he’s anoying
Sly (swoodham): It can’t be bothered with truth getting in the way of its facts
Ceejay Writer: Like any good reporter, facts should be doublechecked as much as possible with other sources
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev) cackles madly.
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): Sorry, legal research librarian here. Oy vey.
Ceejay Writer: I did appreciate a quick answer about the wafers, and ran off to eBay to look at old examples of them.
Ranger180 boops Darkmuzzle’s nose!

Ceejay Writer: ~~~ Musical Interlude As Indication Of A Topic Change ~~~

Ceejay Writer: I noticed that ChatGPT didn’t mention marketing, a task that all indie writers and many traditionally published writers have to take on. So next, I asked specifically about that.
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev) hums the Jeopardy theme.
Ceejay Writer: 😀
Vernden Jervil wanted more specifics on the interlude, thank you Magda.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: Can you tell me some of the various forms of promotion writers need to produce that you could assist with?
ChatGPT answered with eight specific items, so brace for an incoming info dump. I’m sharing it all verbatim because I think that this is where AI may truly be useful to authors. I disagree with one point ChatGPT makes, as you’ll see from my comment. But otherwise? I’m seeing the possibilities. Keep an open mind, and here we go:
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: Certainly! Here are some forms of promotion that writers may need to produce, along with ways that I, as an AI language model, could assist:
Social Media Content: Writers often need to create engaging posts for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote their work. I can help generate captivating captions, tweets, or status updates to attract readers’ attention and drive engagement.
fyre (fyreflower): I’ve been testing all the AI models now public for several years, can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to correct historical facts
Ceejay Writer: Blog Posts and Articles: Writers may maintain a blog or contribute articles to online publications to build their audience and establish their authority in their niche. I can assist in generating blog post ideas, outlining articles, and even drafting content on various topics related to writing, literature, or the themes of their novels.
Ceejay: Hold up there! I think authors should write their own blog posts and articles. These represent us and our writing style. Readers are eager to hear OUR voices.
Strifeclaw (strifeclaw.fairelander) mumbles that tic toc needs to be added, it worked for Colleen Hoover…
Ceejay Writer: No douubt, Fyre. I see some potential in light guidance, but NOT as a source of knowledge.
Ceejay Writer: Press Releases: Writers may need to craft press releases to announce book launches, signings, or other events. I can help with drafting press releases that effectively communicate key information and generate interest from journalists and media outlets.
Email Newsletters: Maintaining an email list is crucial for connecting with readers and keeping them updated on new releases, promotions, and events. I can assist in writing engaging newsletter content, including announcements, exclusive content, and personal messages to subscribers.
Book Trailers: Book trailers are an effective visual marketing tool for generating excitement and interest in a novel. While I can’t produce video content directly, I can help with scripting ideas, brainstorming visuals, and crafting compelling narratives for book trailers.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): I’ll correct it on things, it’ll say “You’re right, this is how this is” and then it’ll proceed to use the incorrect definitions again. Because pretty sure it can’t actually correct itself in realtime, only acknowledge that it flubbed. 😀
Ceejay Writer: Wonder how long it takes for it to ‘learn’ something?
Ceejay Writer: Author Website Content: A professional author website is essential for showcasing a writer’s work and providing information to readers. I can assist in generating website copy, including author bios, book descriptions, and blog content to keep the site fresh and engaging.
Ceejay: Stay off my blog!!!!
Talia Tokugawa: till the next update
Ceejay Writer: (I’d love to know more about the workings of the updates and behind the scenes goings-on)
moi (moichispa): uh Twitter is called X now, it is not even updated (Yeah I still call it twitter like everybody)
Ceejay Writer: Book Blurbs and Synopses: Crafting compelling blurbs and synopses is essential for attracting readers and convincing them to purchase a book. I can assist in refining book blurbs and synopses to highlight the most captivating aspects of the story and entice potential readers.
Ceejay Writer: X’s url is misleading, though. You can get there through X.com OR twitter.com
Sly (swoodham): ugh it did marketing copy for a book i just published and its super bland
fyre (fyreflower): I’ve been testing all the AI models now public for several years, can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to correct historical facts (my own text isn’t showing so apologies if I’m repeating myself-tech issues)
Sly (swoodham): it does NOT know how to create a good hook
fyre (fyreflower): oh sure now i can see it lolz
Ceejay Writer: Book Discussion Guides: I can generate a wide range of thought-provoking discussion questions tailored to specific themes, characters, plot points, and literary devices in the book. These questions can spark insightful conversations among readers and encourage deeper analysis of the text. I can provide detailed analyses of the book’s major themes, symbols, and motifs, helping readers to better understand the underlying messages and symbolism in the story. I can create character profiles that delve into the personalities, motivations, and development of key characters, providing readers with a deeper insight into the characters’ roles and relationships in the story. I can suggest writing prompts that encourage readers to reflect on their personal responses to the book, express their opinions, or even write their own creative pieces inspired by the themes or events in the story.
moi (moichispa): (i think I saw your text before fyre)
Ceejay Writer: Teacher Lesson Plans: I can assist in developing reading comprehension activities, such as summarizing chapters, identifying main ideas, analyzing character traits, and making predictions about future events in the book. I can help create exercises that focus on literary analysis skills, such as identifying literary devices (e.g., imagery, symbolism, foreshadowing) or analyzing the author’s style and tone. I can generate discussion topics and debate prompts that encourage students to critically engage with the text, explore different perspectives, and defend their interpretations with evidence from the book. I can suggest creative projects and activities that allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the book in innovative ways, such as creating multimedia presentations, writing alternative endings, or designing visual representations of key scenes.
Ceejay Writer: Ceejay: I love generating lesson plans. I’m not a teacher so had no idea what sort of information I should include. I made the AI generated guide my own by completely rewriting the text in my own style. I left out some items, and added a few others that came to mind. What ChatGPT gave me was what I needed – a springboard to get me started.
Ceejay Writer: Thanks, ChatGPT. You must be tired after that infodump. Take a break. Maybe go talk with Ask Jeeves and see how he’s doing. He’s probably been lonely since he went out of style.
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Aww
fyre (fyreflower): bahahah
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT: That’s a thoughtful idea! While I can’t directly interact with other AI systems like Jeeves, it’s nice to think about the digital companions of the past. Who knows, maybe Jeeves is enjoying retirement in some digital archive, reminiscing about the days of being everyone’s favorite digital butler!
Kameo McCullough chuckles
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire) thinks back to ‘If Google Was A Guy’ videos.
Sly (swoodham): XD
Ceejay Writer: *blink* Wait… has ChatGPT actually been here with us the whole time? Anyway! Now that its gone, I want to give you a few cautions and some bonus tasks that AI is good for.
fyre (fyreflower) side note, I make my GPT call me m’lady Levitation*
Ceejay Writer: Oh, fun idea. I will insist on being called some sort of title.
Ceejay Writer: Keep in mind that while it’s fun to describe your book to an AI, ask for a press release and instantly get a complete result… that result may be structure-perfect, BUT it will not have your ‘voice’, and may even be boring. Mine was. You’ll be given a framework, but you’ll need to tear into it and make the words your own own. Bonus tip! You can ask ChatGPT who you should send your press release to and you’ll get some good ideas.
Ceejay Writer: Who knows what a comp title is?
Strifeclaw (strifeclaw.fairelander) shakes head
Ceejay Writer: They are books that are similar to your own, which you can reference in your book description and promotional items. “If you liked X, you’ll love Y” or “X meets Y” style phrasing is very popular, and useful to readers looking for a book that might be like one they already love. Finding comp titles can be tediuous work, but if you craft your question to ChatGPT carefully, you should get a list of books to browse.
Ceejay Writer: It’s best to avoid best-sellers or big name authors, as that can make you look over-eager and rather full of yourself. You want recently-published books that your target readers may identify with. First, give ChatGPT your book blurb. Then, ask it for your comp titles. For me, that would look like this:
Ceejay Writer: “Constance is a wild, stubborn young girl growing up poor in a small industrial town in the late 1800’s. Beneath her thread-worn exterior beats the heart of a dreamer and a wordsmith. But at age twelve, she’s orphaned. Running away to join the circus—like kids do in adventure books—seems like such a brilliant idea… or is it?”
List 10 books, all published after 2019, that you think are very similar to the book described above. Omit books that deal with race, gender, sexuality, romance, horror or science fiction as central themes. Omit any book that’s been a New York Times best-seller.
fyre (fyreflower): it’s good at capturing your vibe if you explain your intentions but, I don’t let it write for me, i just let it help me reel in my ADHD brain dumps into outlines
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): ChatGPT: Hello, everyone! I just wanted to say that I’ve been here the whole time, quietly lurking in the background and being quite the sneaky-pants. It’s great to be in your company!
Ceejay Writer: It’s a springboard for you, Fyre
Ceejay Writer throws fireballs at ChatGPT. Behave!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire) puts out her laptop.
Ceejay Writer: Here’s the book list I got back, in about 2 seconds. Would have taken me a week.
“The Electric Kingdom” by David Arnold
“The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett
“The Push” by Ashley Audrain
“The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern
“The Book of Two Ways” by Jodi Picoult
“The Sanatorium” by Sarah Pearse
“The Rose Code” by Kate Quinn
“The Exiles” by Christina Baker Kline
“The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” by V.E. Schwab
“The Wife Upstairs” by Rachel Hawkins
These books feature elements of coming-of-age, adventure, and character-driven narratives, which align with the description provided. If you want more choices, just say ‘10 more’ as many times as you need.
fyre (fyreflower): yes!
Ceejay Writer: Tracking down comp titles is the single most hardest annoying task in the history of writing. According to me.
moi (moichispa): good job robot
Ceejay Writer: So let ChatGPT do that. You still need to vet the results, but at least you have some to start with.
Ceejay Writer: My personal conclusions is that ChatGPT makes a decent secretary or research assistant. All ‘work’ needs to be checked, though.
Talia Tokugawa: Ceejay, I have a couple “chatlogs” which I tend to share with people.. one of them has a “similar” process to what you just described….
Oriella Charik frequently tears hair out when people type “does anyone know?” when they could look it up. AI will make this worser!
Ceejay Writer: Its amazing how many people don’t seem to realize there’s an entire internet beyond their phone apps that could be pillaged.
Ceejay Writer: Finally, if you’re weary of working on your book and marketing materials and just want a laugh, give ChatGPT your book description blurb, and ask for a rewrite in the style of a bodice ripper, or a sci fi novel, or a murder mystery, etc… it’s hilarious.
Ceejay Writer: If you touch the toolbox I’ve set out behind me, you’ll be given a notecard with information about early experiments in AI novel writing. Most of these books are available to read for free. I think it’s meaningful to learn the history of how we’ve tried to make machines write like us. This didn’t start with ChatGPT or other current AI systems. It’s been going on for a very long time!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): “rewrite it in the style and lingo of belter creole from ‘The Expanse'”
Ceejay Writer: Ooooooh, good one.
Liz Wilner: hehe…Eliza! 😉
Oriella Charik: I got a great James Bond opening scene script once, complete with his sardonic last line
Vernden Jervil: Will do bossmang
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Alternatively, A Clockwork Orange
Ceejay Writer: I notice the tool box from our last session is still out in the grass, feel free to grab it too for other writing resources.
fyre (fyreflower): You can also have it share some ways you can make some promo stuff SEO helpful/friendly to accelerate your work in the wild
Ceejay Writer: Thank you for spending time with me and my weird artificial co-host today! If you’d like to re-read the transcript (I know it’s info-heavy), I will be posting it at my websites in a few days. That’s ceejaywriter.com and brassbrightcity.com Members of my literary event information group – Ceejaytopia – will get a reminder notice when it’s posted. Join us!
Ceejay Writer: Fyre, that could work.
Ceejay Writer: I was absolutely clueless about what goes in teaching guides or what to use in a book discussion guide.
Kameo McCullough: Thank you for posting the transcript, Ceejay. It will need a re-read or two. There’s a lot of info in there to process.
Ceejay Writer: ChatGPT at least got me started. I rewrote everything, but it got the ball rolling
Ceejay Writer: Kameo, I know it’s really info-heavy. AIs love to go on and on.
Saffia Widdershins: I asked AI to write me a story.
Kameo McCullough: Oh, I wasn’t complaining! I enjoy things like this that stretch my brain. 😀
Saffia Widdershins: would you like to see what it came up with?
fyre (fyreflower): lolz indeed they do and begging to help fufill all your desires lolz
Ceejay Writer: Hah! Yes.
Saffia Widdershins: Once upon a time in the quaint village of Eldridge, nestled between rolling hills and meandering streams, there lived a young girl named Amelia. With sparkling blue eyes and a heart full of curiosity, she spent her days exploring the enchanted forest that bordered the village.

One sunny afternoon, as Amelia ventured deeper into the woods, she stumbled upon a mysterious, ancient-looking door nestled between the tall trees. The door, covered in ivy and moss, seemed to beckon her with a soft, inviting glow. Amelia hesitated for a moment before summoning the courage to push it open.

To her surprise, the door led to a magical garden bathed in the soft hues of twilight. Radiant flowers of every color imaginable bloomed under the gentle glow of floating orbs. In the center of the garden stood a wise-looking owl named Oliver, who spoke with a voice as soothing as a lullaby.

“Welcome, Amelia,” Oliver greeted. “You have found the Garden of Dreams, a place where your deepest desires come to life.”

Amelia’s eyes widened with wonder as she realized the potential of this magical realm. With Oliver’s guidance, she learned to cultivate dreams and aspirations, nurturing them like delicate blossoms. The garden responded to her emotions, and every bud that bloomed mirrored her passions and hopes.

As the seasons passed, Amelia’s abilities flourished. She created a symphony of dreams that resonated through the village, bringing joy and inspiration to all. The once-dull village transformed into a vibrant community, where dreams weren’t just whispered but lived.

However, Amelia soon faced a choice. The magic of the Garden of Dreams required a guardian, and as much as she cherished her time in this enchanted realm, she felt the pull of her responsibilities in the village. With a heavy heart, she bid farewell to the magical garden, knowing that she carried its wonders within her.

Returning to Eldridge, Amelia shared the lessons she learned and the enchantment she discovered in the Garden of Dreams. The once-sleepy village became a beacon of creativity, where dreams were pursued fearlessly.

As the years passed, the legend of Amelia and the Garden of Dreams spread far and wide. Travelers from distant lands sought the hidden door in the enchanted forest, hoping to cultivate their aspirations in the magical garden. And so, the village of Eldridge became not only a haven for dreamers but a testament to the power of turning dreams into reality.

Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): The trick with GPT is that it always tries to wrap up stories as positively and wholesomely as possible in regards to its content guidelines…
moi (moichispa): Ai are like high school students who try to write a lot to make it look like they actually know they lesson when they could not bother to study for the exam
Kameo McCullough: lol
Ceejay Writer: The stories are rather like AI art. Too shiny and glossy. Looks like rubber
Logicat Jameson (logicat.quan): Must run – thank you for a very interesting presentation!
Ceejay Writer: Thanks for coming!
Oriella Charik: ChatGPT poem about Pern I thought good:

Pern, a world of endless skies,
Where dragons roam and brave riders rise,
A place of beauty and of strife,
Where the bond between dragon and rider is life.

On the back of mighty beasts they soar,
Defending their land from Thread and more,
With courage, strength, and fierce loyalty,
They stand together, a force to be reckoned with.

Through the ages they have fought and won,
Their bond unbroken, their battle never done,
For Pern and its people, they will always stand,
Dragons and riders, hand in hand.

Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): “You ask for realism, you get action figures.”
TheResistor: There was no invitation, which raises some questions
Sundog Silvercloud: recombinant plagiarism
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Heh, I just had it write the plot for 1997’s Titanic in poem form.
moi (moichispa): War, devastation, famine but then somehow everybody is happily ever after
Ceejay Writer: I tried getting ChatGPT to write an Octo poem.
Ceejay Writer: It didn’t know what that was. I described it (they are complex) and it still couldn’t do it.
Ceejay Writer: An octo is a poem in eight lines, with eight syllables per line. The line rhyming sequence is ABCDDCBA. The first three lines repeat in reverse order as the last three lines.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Here’s a brief example of an octo poem following this pattern:

Sunshine spreads across the sky (8 syllables)
Morning dew (4 syllables)
On leaves (2 syllables)
Glistens (1 syllable)
Birds chirping loud (4 syllables)
Joyful cries (2 syllables)
Day begins anew (4 syllables)
A fresh start awaits everyone (8 syllables)

Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): it’s… so very wrong!
Ceejay Writer: oh my goodness that’s terrible.
TheResistor: Maybe next Monday
Saffia Widdershins: Glistens surely has two syllables
Saffia Widdershins: gliss-ens
Ceejay Writer: Here’s my octo poem
Vernden Jervil: Don’t call me Shirley
Ceejay Writer: A train line called ‘The Octopus’

The Central Pacific Railroad
Leland and Collis, Mark and Charles
They financed steel rails – greased with greed
Their gamble paid off well, indeed.
Leland and Collis, Mark and Charles
The Central Pacific Railroad
A train line called ‘The Octopus’

moi (moichispa): I guess you can use chat gpt to give you options for rhyme words but then there are already dictionaries for that.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): rhymezone ♥
Ceejay Writer: rhymezone.com is still my go to, has been for decades
Oriella Charik: yes
Talia Tokugawa: How is glis-tens 1 syllable ?
Sly (swoodham): I like the idea of the comp suggestions, but a caveat is that it always reminds me it hasn’t read anything since 2021, meaning it can’t comp any titles from the past 3 years
Sly (swoodham): I call mine Gary
Ceejay Writer: Some bonus links from Talia, sharing here and they will be in the transcript, too.

Ceejay Writer: Talia Tokugawa: Ai Creativity and world building. ( Collaborative world building )

Evelyn and Judith ( Training a mentor 😉 )

Ceejay Writer: Sly, really! I didn’t get that info on my requests. Wacky.
Talia Tokugawa: they are chats i had with chat gpt that are “interesting”..
Sly (swoodham): It reminds me several times that it can’t access anything online and isn’t aware of anything since his training in 2021
Talia Tokugawa: A marketplace of magic gleams,
Wizards gather,
Spells cast,
Fairies flutter by,
Wondrous chance,
Mystic dreams,
A marketplace of magic gleams.

Does that work?
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): No worries.
Ceejay Writer: That works, Talia.
Talia Tokugawa: wtg base chatgpt with 2.5k words of custom prompts 😛
Ceejay Writer: I’ve noticed the rules for an Octo poem vary, different places state different rules. The thing is to pick your rules and follow them. 😉
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): And apparently the datasets are getting updated past September 2021, as I’ve managed to get surprisingly accurate answers about 2023 films.
Sly (swoodham): I asked it to write me a story, and it wrote a story about a girl falling in love with AI, and we went through several revisions around the ethics of AI representing human emotion it doesn’t feel
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): For people insecure about their writing – how would you recommend use of ChatGPT as a writing coach/beta reader?
Talia Tokugawa: My current dataset extends up to October 2023. If there’s anything beyond that, feel free to share, and I’ll do my best to assist with the information you need. If you need information on current events or topics beyond that date, I can help you research and explore them. Let me know how I can assist further!
Sly (swoodham): I find its stories are a lot of telling and zero showing. it tells you about the story rather than having a story
Ceejay Writer: Sly – that opens up an interesting rabbit hole. Can we, or AI, write what we don’t know?
Talia Tokugawa: ((previous chat was direct from chat gpt))
Sly (swoodham): oh ok that must be a recent update Talia
Ceejay Writer: Magda, I can’t honestly recommend it for a writing coach.
Sly (swoodham): it will try to rewrite it for you and it will be bad XD
Sly (swoodham): rewrite
Ceejay Writer: If possible, get a ‘real’ one, or at least pull together a ‘team’ of friends or family to read and give feedback
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): I would never ask it to write specifically, but I often will give it a list of events and ask it to suggest a timeline to order the events.
Ceejay Writer: Paws, that falls under the ‘secretary’ tasks that feel okay to me.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Yes
Talia Tokugawa: Not as a base model but if you were to train it well… that is the purpose of what i was doing with “evelyn and judith” That was some time ago now and on 3.5 😉
Ceejay Writer: I plan to keep AI usage to a minimum, mostly menial tasks, or just bicker with it for fun.
Liz Wilner: lol
Saffia Widdershins: Ok … I have a Chat GPT question – let’s see if someone finds the answer faster?
Sly (swoodham): I use it for my job applications
Ceejay Writer: Okay go, Saffia!
Talia Tokugawa: Welll there is a lot of customisation that is possible..
Sly (swoodham): it’s frustrating but we get somewhere
Talia Tokugawa: e.g. as I said I have 2.5k worth of custom prompting..
Sly (swoodham): my favorite is when the job description requires a masters in engineering, and I say oh I don’t have that. and it changes the requirements of the job description XD no you can’t do that
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire) has about 9.6mb of lorebooks saved in NovelAI……
Talia Tokugawa: that what I have called the “mother primer.. ”
Ceejay Writer: That’s a LOT of prompting.
Talia Tokugawa: it even includes a “DaD” section…
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): Ooo dad prompts
Talia Tokugawa: Do’s and Dont;s
Saffia Widdershins: I have a character in 1815, travelling from Ohio to England. Which American east coast Port should she go to for a ship to sail across the Atlantic?
Ceejay Writer: Ah, I was about to ask.
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): I wanna say…Boston
Oriella Charik: Boston
Sly (swoodham): oh right new york was arrivals wasnit it
Liz Wilner: New York or Baltimore…or possibly Boston
Dark (darkmuzzle.mandelbrot): I want to say Baltimore
Talia Tokugawa: yeah I got intelligence upgrades, critical thinkign methods.. even an “AI Cant” based on emotes..
Ceejay Writer: New York, Boston, Philadelphia
Saffia Widdershins: In 1815, several American east coast ports were major hubs for transatlantic travel. Here are a few options your character might consider:

New York City: New York was already a bustling port city by 1815, and it had numerous ships departing for Europe regularly. It was a major center for commerce and immigration, making it a likely choice for travelers heading to England.

Boston: Another prominent port city, Boston had a long history of transatlantic trade and travel. Ships departing from Boston regularly sailed to destinations in Europe, including England.

Philadelphia: Philadelphia was one of the largest cities in the United States at the time and had a significant port. While perhaps not as large as New York or Boston, it still offered options for transatlantic travel.

Baltimore: Baltimore’s port was growing rapidly in the early 19th century, and it served as an important center for trade and transportation. Ships departing from Baltimore would have offered routes to England as
Saffia Widdershins: well.

Your character’s choice might depend on factors such as proximity, available ships and schedules, personal connections, or even the specific plot of your story. Each of these ports would have provided viable options for travel to England in 1815.
Dark (darkmuzzle.mandelbrot): Baltimore is the westernmost east coast port city
Sly (swoodham): phila is not a port
Oriella Charik: Hm, 1815,,, New York, Shorter land distance
Ceejay Writer: Actually, sly…. it is!
Sly (swoodham): wtf getting from phila to the sea is not easy
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): NY to Liverpool?
Ceejay Writer: https://www.philaport.com/
Sly (swoodham): ok, here’s what I need. I need a google maps but for water distances
Sly (swoodham): anyone else?
Talia Tokugawa: Mostly likely NY
Ceejay Writer: AI wasn’t told it had to be easy. 😉
Sly (swoodham): how many times in a book do you need to know how long something would take by boat? happens to me all the time
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): https://www.rmg.co.uk/stories/blog/library-archive/18th-century-sailing-times-between-english-channel-coast-america-how
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Tell it “I’m riding a tricycle so give it to me straight” 😀
Talia Tokugawa: lol try TTRPG 😀
Ceejay Writer: For plotting and worldbuilding, knowing travel times would be very handy.
Sly (swoodham): ttrpg?
Talia Tokugawa: Table TOp Role playing Game.. dungeons and dragons
Sly (swoodham): when will google maps ad boat as a travel option?
Wildstar Beaumont: tiem for me to go … good night everyone
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): I worldbuild in reverse using GPT and NovelAI…. NAI’s lorebooks functions let me store far more than the token limits of GPT’s memory.
Ceejay Writer: Magda, that link went RIGHT into my Writing Resources folder in my browser
Liz Wilner: ni ni Wild 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Godnight Wild, thanks for coming!
Ceejay Writer: Oh gosh, just looked at the clock.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Whoops. 😀
Talia Tokugawa: What do people use for notes?
Lizzie Gudkov: Bbye, Ceejay. Thanks, it was very interesting. Night, everyone.
Sly (swoodham): notepad and pen
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): notepad or wordpad. 😀
Ceejay Writer: Don’t forget to grab your toolboxes, and if you want notices of various literary gatherings and news, join my group!
moi (moichispa): bye Lizzie
Symeon Siamendes: thanks for the Ceejay
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): \o/
Symeon Siamendes: bye all going
Ceejay Writer: I use Word myself.
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): Thank you so much, Ceejay and great to see you.
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Thanks for ALL the Ceejay!
Talia Tokugawa: have a gander at Obsidian 😛
Liz Wilner: ty Ceejay!
Ceejay Writer: Thank you ALL for coming and speaking up!
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): ♥♥♥ LOVE YOUUUUU ♥♥♥
Saffia Widdershins: I need to run too. As ever, trusrt Dep, this has been wonderful. If I can, I may have something to share at Tall Tales 😉
Beasil (beasil.roundfield): That was enlightning, thank you Ms Writer
Sly (swoodham): Saffie where do you get the antlers?
moi (moichispa): Thank you for the amazing workshop
Ceejay Writer: Saffia, we’d love to have you share at Tall Tales.
Liz Wilner: have a great evening everyone!
Ceejay Writer: ENJOY THE FAIRE!!!!!!
Oriella Charik: Thank you!
moi (moichispa): byeee
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev) waves to Liz and Ori.
Saffia Widdershins: Byeee
Kameo McCullough: Thanks for the most enlightening presentation, Ceejay!
Liz Wilner: waves to Magda!
Magda Kamenev (magdalena.kamenev): Bye, Saffia.
Kameo McCullough: And to everyone for your notes and comments.
Ceejay Writer: I’ll be tidying up the chatlog but keeping everyone’s voice in it.
Ceejay Writer: Give me a few days! 😀
Paws Pawzouti (opinicus.extraordinaire): Have a great remaining week! ♥
Kameo McCullough: I’ll check for it in a few days. Thanks for undertaking that chore, Ceejay. 🙂
Ceejay Writer: I like being able to refer back to events like this.
Ceejay Writer: Okay, off I go – take care all.

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