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Book Review: Deuces are Wild (Aces High, Jokers Wild Book 6)

Deuces are Wild
by O.E. Tearmann
Book Six of the Aces High, Joker’s Wild series

If you’ve been following along since book one, The Hands We’re Given, by now you’ve probably come to think of Base 1407’s Wild Cards team as friends, or perhaps they’ve become your fictional found family. You can’t help but care about them! In book six, Deuces are Wild, the spotlight is turned up to bright on Tweak, the Wild Cards ‘little coder’. She’s one of the most popular characters in the series—a brilliant, broken girl, who is written beautifully. I’ve ached for her to find happiness and peace since the moment she was introduced. What happens to her now, you ask? That would be telling, and I would rather you share her experience as it unfolds.

But as much as I love Tweak, I have to admit that the character I most identified with this time around was Liza. Her fear of public speaking ‘spoke’ directly to me, as it’s something I’ve struggled with and still haven’t mastered, for my entire adult life. I cheered aloud when she finally found her voice.

That’s all the plot hints I’m going to give! It’s difficult to briefly summarize this series without doing the books a disservice. If you are new to the world of the Wild Cards, Start with The Hands We’re Given and don’t forget to buckle up and keep your hands inside the ride until it’s come to a complete stop. Each book builds on the previously told storyline. If you’ve read up through Draw Dead, you’re in for some really satisfying payoff in Deuces are Wild.

The Wild Cards series, along with delivering an amazing story, can be an eye-opening experience for those who want to understand and ally-align with people who have traditionally been marginalized. And on the flip side (turn of the card?) readers who feel marginalized will find assurance that they are not alone. We need everyone’s help to fight what’s wrong in the world, whether it’s in a fictional setting or the real deal.

Along with the usual backmatter, you’ll find a music playlist that serves as a soundtrack to the novel. I’m now exploring new-to-me artists thanks to that, and having a great time. But most importantly, there’s also an extensive resource list, including real-life inspiration for the novel. That section starts with “A note from the Munitions Officer: if you need resources to help improve the world or your life, there’s help. Reach out.” So, please, do reach out if you need to.

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