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Seattle Stories: Bordello Buddies

Meta levels of Seattle Vintage: Here’s a fake-vintage “1877” photo taken of me and my besties at Sundance Photo Parlor in downtown Seattle, in 1977.

I’m not certain, but I *think* this may have been during Fat Tuesday. Our bright idea for this photo was a group shot of a Madame and her working girls. The girl with the fan is the Madame.  The girl at front right is supposed to be a working girl (or as they were called in Victorian era Seattle, at least on the tax records, “Seamstresses”) but I think she looks more like a Temperance fanatic. No drink for her! But my roommate of that time and I, in the back row (I’m the short hooker), look the part, right?

The backside is a little messed up from being taped to something decades ago, but the wording still appeals to me. Who knew back then someday I’d be writing weird Victorian era stuff? Anyone else remember Sundance Photo Parlor?

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