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Book Review: U.S. Mail by Pneumatic Tube

U.S. Mail by Pneumatic TubeU.S. Mail by Pneumatic Tube by Anonymous
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This is a very short read, just a short paper really, but every word of it is jam-packed with information about how the US mail could have been delivered. This “Model Post Office” demonstration was set up at the World’s Fair in St. Louis.

And even short as it is, it’s *precisely* what I needed as research for a book I’m writing.

Sadly, any illustrations were not included in the copy I found online a while back, and now the book itself seems to be completely missing from the internet. I’m glad I kept what I have, even though it’s in disarray. I may, as a future project, try to find the bits and pieces of what’s needed to piece together a more satisfying publication.

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