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Book Review: The Insignificance Paradigm

The Insignificance ParadigmThe Insignificance Paradigm by John Hamilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A small act of kindness starts events in the small town of Luitgarde rolling towards a conclusion that nobody (including, hopefully, the reader) saw coming. Much of the action takes place in a Dungeons and Dragons-esque ancient, maze-like setting, with our team of diverse species and talents handling each challenge along the way as best they can. There’s no Mary-Sue on this team though, as they don’t always win every battle and best every beast.

Our main protagonist is Eleazaar, a young cleric without much experience in the ways of the world. He’s got talent and brains, but hasn’t yet been hardened by the fires of battle. As our story begins, Eleazaar unwittingly proves an old saying to be very, very true – No good deed goes unpunished.

Eleazaar isn’t originally from Luitgarde. In fact he’s not from anywhere close by. He couldn’t return home even if he wanted to, and I won’t tell you why. That’s something I’ll let Eleazaar relay to you himself. It’s a fascinating tale and one I hope will be touched on more in books to come.

It’s clear that author John Hamilton loves the Fantasy genre. He writes with enthusiasm and revels in the details of the world he’s created. If you love classic fantasy with familiar character types striving to save the day, The Insignificance Paradigm may be your next comfort-read.

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