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Book Review: Riverland

RiverlandRiverland by Fran Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I went into the story knowing in advance that aspects of our protagonist’s home life might be difficult to read. Fran Wilde has managed to sensitively show us what it’s like to be children living in an abusive home. Eleanor and her little sister ‘Mike’, aren’t brave little Pollyannas – these kids have been badly damaged, but they aren’t yet completely broken. Their challenges are immense and seemingly impossible. But Eleanor has a strength that’s somehow grown from her conviction that she’s worthless, and her unwavering love for her sister. She even tries her best for the parents that have utterly failed her. And as if this isn’t enough for a small girl to handle, now another world desperately needs her help. A compelling read. And yes, this *is* a children’s book, for those who need to connect with these possibly-familiar heroes.

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