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Book Review: Nunslinger Book Three: A Pilgrim and a Stranger

Nunslinger Book 3: A Pilgrim and a StrangerNunslinger Book 3: A Pilgrim and a Stranger by Stark Holborn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Episode three keeps the tension high and the situation dismal. Abe and Sister Josephine are battling their toughest enemy yet – winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains. But at least they have a blanket.

The wordsmithery magic I’ve come to count on doesn’t disappoint. The descriptions of struggling through a blizzard leading stumbling horses had me shivering in empathy.

But the payoff is in sight! Looks like they’re going to make it to Sacramento! Looks like everything will work out just fine, won’t it?

Yeah, right. Onward to episode four!

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