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Book Review: Nunslinger, Book One

Nunslinger Book 1Nunslinger Book 1 by Stark Holborn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This rousing story is written in colorful, authentic language that easily coaxes mental imagery in the reader’s mind. The raw, honest narrative is a good match for the sparse, no-frills life on the wagon trails of the old west. Every word has to earn its keep.

Our protagonist, Sister Thomas Josephine, is traveling west when her wagon train is attacked. She survives, but bounces from being helped to being kidnapped in quick order.

There’s 18 chapters in the book, but most of them are just a few pages long. This is a quick, addictive read and you’ll easily finish it in one sitting. But, you’re going to need the second book to get yourself off that cliff the author hung you on! The Nunslinger series is twelve books, so cinch that saddle, cowboy, you’ve got a long ways yet to go.

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