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Book Review: Death and the Taxman

Death and the TaxmanDeath and the Taxman by David Hankins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a fan of Terry Pratchett’s version of Death, I was easily pulled into this story by the blurb’s promise of death cheating hijinks and hilarity. And as a former cubicle dweller and lifelong fearer of taxes, it really was inevitable that I’d give this story a go.

I found it to be everything the blurbie promised… and more! Once I’d explored the ‘fish out of water’ hilarity of Death trying to blend in with humanity while learning how to drive his unwished-for new body and grappling with an endless flood of robocalls regarding his extended warranty, the author deftly raises the stakes. The story expands into a tale of epic proportions. The latter part of the book is filled with genuine beauty, heartbreak, passion, and determination.

Can a book start out as a sitcom and end with interesting answers to the big questions about life? Yes. Yes it can. And as a bonus, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of cats and their place in the universe.

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