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Book Review: Atlantis Solved

Atlantis Solved: The Final Definitive ProofAtlantis Solved: The Final Definitive Proof by David Edward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was cynical before I cracked into this book. Within a few pages, I was annoyed at the defensive posturing and constant battling against perceived nonbelievers. I pushed all that aside as best I could and focused on the actual proof I’d been promised.

You know what? The author made a really good case for having found Atlantis. He really did. Now, I suggest that the author re-write this book, focus on the facts and delete all the blather about naysayers and his frequent defending of his work. Let the work stand for itself.

If you can get past all the posturing, you might be surprised… and you might be a believer.

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