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Book Review: A Quick Guide to Draft2Digital: How to Publish a Book in the Digital Age

A Quick Guide to Draft2Digital: How to Publish a Book in the Digital Age (Unstressed Syllables Presents)A Quick Guide to Draft2Digital: How to Publish a Book in the Digital Age by Aaron Pogue
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The first time an author publishes their own indie book, the process is a mixture of excitement and confusion. When I published my first short kid’s book, The Steamkettle Kids Save the Day, I was using that manuscript for practice before publishing my novel, The Flight to Brassbright. If I was going to mess up, I wanted to get that out of my system on a story less important to me than my novel! I read all the ‘helpful’ instructions provided by the publishing system at a place named after a large river in South America, then dove in. Three days later my kid’s story was published and I was exhausted.

That could have gone better.

If I’d know about Draft2Digital back then, my publishing journey might have gone a different way. But now that I know, I can look at their system with an eye that’s seen all aspects of that other system. I like what I’ve seen so far – it’s a system developed by writers, not by some corporate executive board room.

And Draft2Digital offered this small book at no cost, which I ironically bought from that river-named publishing system. I devoured it in one gulp. The book does what it says in the title, in a chatty, fun, excited ‘oh my gosh we’re gonna make a book!’ style. I’m getting ready to publish another novel soon, and am very excited about having the opportunity to do it in a fun, creative, empowering way.

If you’re new to the wacky world of indie publishing, this book is worth every penny you don’t have to pay for it. Get it right now. Read it on a coffee break, and you’ll spend the rest of your day smiling.

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