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A Bridgerton Too Far?

So I binged half of Bridgerton yesterday, and will probably watch the rest today. I like it. It’s very shiny and pretty. Everyone is lovely to look at. Character diversity is divine. Their problems are peculiar and most everyone is an idiot of some sort, even the most cunning of characters. It all makes for a good story.

This is the Regency Era – but only as much as Cheez Whiz is a well-aged handcrafted cheddar. This slice of “Regency” has been squished through a Moulin Rouge sieve, sprinkled with a dash of Reign, blessed by whoever is responsible for those outlandish-lavish Spanish soapydramas, and probably funded by the New York Garment District Cartel. To call it merely revisionist history is like advising passengers on the Titanic that they may possibly experience some moisture.

PS: Eloise Bridgerton is proof that Ann Wilson of Heart has been cloned.

Ann and Nancy Wilson
Eloise Bridgerton
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