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This Sunday! The Virtuous and the Playful

Two intriguing events are offered this coming Sunday, March 18th – and if you are wishing to spend the day in well-rounded diversity, I believe these two events might bookend your day nicely.

Firstly, at 2pm the grand tradition of the Aether Salon continues.  If you have never attended Salon, I encourage you to do so.  Held once a month on the third Sunday, topics can range from the sublime to the absurd. You will find yourself both enlightened and entertained.  Oh, and there’s cake!

This month – Virtuosity!  Steadman Kondor will be discussing artistic photography and its presentation in Second Life, and reflect on his personal journey as an artist without formal training.

The salon straddles two sims in order to accomodate a large crowd.  Please join us at:

Later Sunday night from 8-9pm slt, put on those Prohibition era glad rags and skeedaddle over to the Java Jive in the decidedly Dieselpunk sim of Seraph City for a reunion of sorts!  Many of you will remember the New Champagne Rooms with it’s evening burlesque performances (always a ‘tasteful tease’).  The New Champagne Rooms were closed down by the local law enforcers for various violations (she says smiling, knowing this was all in the spirit of storytelling, and allowing for Ahnyanka Delphin to have some leisure, after many years of running the club.)  Ahnya is now a co-partner at the Java Jive – a Jazz venue in Seraph City. But lately, she’s been feeling the urge to get together a show, New Champagne Rooms style.

If you have never enjoyed seeing the Champagne Ladies on stage, do swing by!  Everyone is welcome (well, perhaps not the kids!), but let me assure you, if you are, perhaps, a single woman who’s ready to dismiss this event – don’t. Every guest is special and will be treated as such! I think you’ll have a fine time with these classy, sassy, fun ladies!

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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