A Sweet Radio Encounter

Nikki Frazier‘s on the radio! It looks like we are rapidly running out of corners of the universe that have NOT heard about Nikki and her children’s culinary academy – and her rather amazing gluten-free cupcakes, which I have personally enjoyed. I’m so proud of her I could explode.

Listen as Scott Pohl of WKAR (Public Media from Michigan State University) interviews Nikki, who recently won the “Lansing Built to Last” competition. At the Lansing Built to Last website, you can learn more about that competition and watch a video where you’ll meet the other competitors – and enjoy the happy moment as Nikki is announced as the winner.

WKAR Interview with Scott Pohl

Nikki Thompson Frazier with daughters Melia, age 10, and Madison, age 7. (Photo Credit: Nikki Thompson Frazier)

From the Sweet Encounter Kid’s Culinary Academy Facebook Page:

SE Kids Culinary Academy is a culinary cooking club infused with STEM activities designed to cultivate a love for cooking in kids. Each kit also includes conversation cards that allow you to connect with your kids. Its the perfect meal time solution!
Every month a new kit is delivered to your doorstep. Each kit features a new culinary theme! It includes 3 Recipe cards, Shopping list, Activities and Conversation Cards. Boxes are shipped by the 15th of each month and addressed to the young chef.
Learn more Nikki and her food passion projects at these websites
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