Second Life

Steampunk Piracy Discussion at the Mary Read-ing Room

As part of the Swashbucklers for Life events last weekend, the Scoundrel Fleet sponsored a discussion near the Scoundrel Headquarters, at the Mary Read Library’s “Read-ing Room”

Although piracy was almost wiped out during the age of sail, the newest advances in  technology of the late 1800′s have allowed men of fortune to resume the noble trade of the seas. Commander Vernden Jervil, formerly of Armada Breakaway and now  shipwrecked retired in the Blake Sea, leads us in an hour of discussion about  advances in steampunk technology that have affected the pirate trade allowing our time honored profession to thrive on the land, sea and air. 

Commander Vernden Jervil did the research and led the discussion, which was fun and lively and too often included talk of bats. 🙂

First up is a gallery of photos taken at the event – I hurried, and will finish annotating them soon. Feel free to offer corrections or additions to the names of the attendees!

Beyond the photo gallery is a full transcript of the discussion, for your enlightenment and consternation.


“Ceejay Writer: Ahoy, Mannlich! Mind the carpet, its a a delicate oriental!
Vernden Jervil grins at Ceejay. we have delicate things?
Ceejay Writer: Sometimes, till they get broken by large mecha peoples.
Vernden Jervil makes a note to thump Robin if she no shows
Mannlich: oh sorry
Ceejay Writer: No worries! Just having a bit of fun.We are relaxing before a library discussion that will start here in about ten minutes.
Mannlich: may i stay and just listen?
Vernden Jervil: sure, it is looking like a low turn out, but stay if you like
Ceejay Writer: Certainly! There’s cheese, and wine, if you get hungry or thirsty! And lots of things in the library buildings can be poked to see what happens.
Vernden Jervil thinks Ceejay is obsessed with the wine
Ceejay Writer throws a book at Vernden.
Vernden Jervil: ow
Vernden Jervil reads
Ceejay Writer: Now you got booksmarts!
Garnet Psaltery: Ahoy
Vernden Jervil: Garnet, welcome
Garnet Psaltery: Permission to come aborad
Ceejay Writer: Welcome, Garnet! Permission granted!
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Ceejay Writer: Please meet our new friend Mannilich, who was wandering by. And I did not duct tape him to the chair.
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Mr Mannlich :o)
Mannlich: hello
Ceejay Writer: Feel free to have cheese! And the wine Vernden thinks I am obsessed with!
Garnet Psaltery sits and wonders what erudite things she can say during the discussion.
Garnet Psaltery: Ah thank you! mm cheese
Ceejay Writer: Well, Vernden will be prompting some thoughts in your noggin soon, I am sure.
Vernden Jervil hopes so
Garnet Psaltery: Oh my I seem to have picked the wine first
Ceejay Writer: A girl after my own heart!
Garnet Psaltery: 😀
Vernden Jervil: Welcome Baron
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Morgen.
Garnet Psaltery: Guten Morgen, Herr Baron
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: This is early for a group of rum-guzzlers.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Ceejay Writer: Good morning Baron!
Garnet Psaltery points to her glass of WINE
Vernden Jervil: It is I think several of them may still be asleep
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach laughs
Ceejay Writer: The chairs may be peeling, but they make up for that in ricketyness!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: What a handsome orrery.
Ceejay Writer: Thank you! I am VERY proud to be hosting the very first intellectual discussion this reading room has yet seen.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles
Vernden Jervil: I think we have one or two more showing
Junie Ginsburg waves
Vernden Jervil: like that one
Junie Ginsburg: Hello all
Ceejay Writer: Welcome Junie!
Vernden Jervil: Heloo Junie
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Junie :o)
Ceejay Writer: Have a seat! Have a snack! Have a drink!
Vernden Jervil: Ceejay recommends the wine often
Junie Ginsburg: hehehe
Garnet Psaltery: Very good as an appetiser, the more to enjoy the cheese
Ceejay Writer: While we wait to start, I just want to welcome everyone to the Mary Read Library (the other building) and the Mary Read-ing Room, right here!
Garnet Psaltery: haha good pun
Ceejay Writer: Please know you are welcome to relax here anytime, and use the book references as you wish.
Ceejay Writer: This is a public library, and you have very little chance of being captured by pirates. Really.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Garnet Psaltery: A likely story
Vernden Jervil: that sort of thing happens just once and you get a reputation
Ceejay Writer: We also have a Mary Read Library group, which can be joined by poking those books atop the left side bookshelf.
Ceejay Writer: Really, Vernden. Sheesh. If you ever wish to hold a gathering here… just do it! Oh, drop me a note and I’ll make sure any broken bottles are cleaned up, and that no one else has the same time chosen
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
Ceejay Writer: And that’s all from me! I give the place over to the esteemed Commander Jervil.
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Poppy :o)
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Duchess Patty.
Junie Ginsburg: Yay!
Vernden Jervil: Patty Welcome to the library
Ceejay Writer: Ahoy, Patty!
Patty Poppy: Ahoy and g’day, mateys
Vernden Jervil: i’ll give our admiral a couple more minutes then get started
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It is a good sign that you are running out of seats.
Ceejay Writer: Its a happy problem!
Garnet Psaltery: Quick, borrow some more
Patty Poppy: I’ll just sit on the Baron’s lap
Vernden Jervil: I was starting to worry a half hour ago when almost no one was online
Ceejay Writer: Oh, for those who like to slouch, all the floor pillows ARE poses.
Patty Poppy grins
Ceejay Writer: Comfort is important!
Junie Ginsburg picks up a bit of cheese and wine for breakfast
Garnet Psaltery: There is still a space next to Vernden
Vernden Jervil: not that i mind talking to Ceejay
Ceejay Writer: Vernden bathed last week, and that couch holds three.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach is amused by Her Grace’s pose
Garnet Psaltery smiles
Patty Poppy fans self
Vernden Jervil: Heya Robin
Garnet Psaltery: Ahoy, Robin
Robin Sprocket: Hello!
Junie Ginsburg waves to Robin
Ceejay Writer: Ahoy Robin!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Captain.
Vernden Jervil: do come in we were just about to get started
Robin Sprocket: Had a cat pull a Houdini.
Ceejay Writer: You had a magician under the couch?
Patty Poppy: that’s where I keep all my magicians *looks puzzled
Robin Sprocket: I spose she’ll come back.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins at Duchess Patty’s comment
Patty Poppy smiles innocently
Robin Sprocket: Huggy is worried
Garnet Psaltery: oooh a comfy chair! Be worried
Vernden Jervil wonders briefly how many magicians she has
Ceejay Writer: Yes!
Patty Poppy starts counting……… 8…
Patty Poppy: no… 9
Ceejay Writer thinks the Baron looks awesome reading a book.
Robin Sprocket: How is everyone?
Vernden Jervil: Doing well
Garnet Psaltery: Very well thank you, as well as being totally knackered
o0OSimisolaO0o waves friendly and a nice hello to everybody 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: A bit worn out from yesterday.
Robin Sprocket: Survived the rumfest tho!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Patty Poppy eyes the darked clothed person beside her a little nervously
Vernden Jervil: ok I suppose I should get started then
Junie Ginsburg: I have my coffee, so all is looking up
Vernden Jervil: hello
Junie Ginsburg: I mean wine
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Simisola
Junie Ginsburg: 😉
o0OSimisolaO0o: Greetings Garnet 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Mannlich, you should probably take a seat.
Ceejay Writer: Cheese and WINE on the table, various booze in various places too. Comfy seats AND pillows abound!
Ceejay Writer: Welcome Simisola!
Ceejay Writer: Verndens’ just about to take over.
Robin Sprocket: He’s tried it before as I recall
Junie Ginsburg: he’s always doing that
Junie Ginsburg grins
Patty Poppy: *snickers
Ceejay Writer cackles
Vernden Jervil: While pirates in a Steampunk setting are rather popular in references and occasionally songs, there is little detail about how such a thing might actually work
Vernden Jervil tosses a bit of cheese at Junie
Ceejay Writer: Devil is in the details Vernden?
Junie Ginsburg looks at the bit of cheese that landed in her wine, and shrugs
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Strider
Strider: Hallo!
Vernden Jervil: The idea of anyone managing to steal anything in tall ships with flintlock weapons in 1890 is frankly a bit silly
Patty Poppy wondered where that went
Junie Ginsburg: hey, Strider
Vernden Jervil: hi strider
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Fraulein. Pardon me not standing, bitte.
Ceejay Writer wonders if she should pawn her flintlocks
Vernden Jervil: And the latest advances in steampunk technology have made piracy much more realistic
Vernden Jervil: as well as providing new opportunities in the air
Ceejay Writer: Better pillaging through technology!
Robin Sprocket: ****YAY****
Patty Poppy just loves a good steamy pirate
o0OSimisolaO0o grins
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
Robin Sprocket: Welcome!
Ceejay Writer: Ahoy, Lady Deja Vue!
Vernden Jervil: So as we go on everyone feel free to contribute any ideas you have, I made some notes but certainly not enough to keep going for the full hour and a half
Vernden Jervil welcomes all the new people
Ceejay Writer throws a book at the parrot to shush him
Charlie the Parrot: You talking to me?
Ceejay Writer: mrr
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: hellos 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hm, any Petite seating for the Fraulein?
Vernden Jervil nods might be better to quiet the parrot for a few
Charlie the Parrot: You talking to me?
Vernden Jervil does not have any petite seat, but if anyone cares to rez anything
Garnet Psaltery: Hello dejaq
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach points at the books
Strider: Do now =)
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: hooray
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Nice!
o0OSimisolaO0o: 🙂
Garnet Psaltery: How sweet
Vernden Jervil: It should also be noted that the general objective is to capture ship and loot them, rather than sink them outright
Vernden Jervil: even though i know how much fun that can be
Strider: Aww but sinking is so much f- exactly
Strider: lol
Ceejay Writer: I think, at the very least, always carry your Note Of Excuse, or have a good ‘I meant to do that’
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: h e he
Ceejay Writer: line handy.
Robin Sprocket: Hmmm… a bit more difficult, as we found out in Fair Winds yesterday!
Patty Poppy remembers yesterday
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: so load the cannons with marshmellows then ?
Robin Sprocket: LL
Garnet Psaltery: I rather hope someone took pictures
Vernden Jervil: or grapeshot
Robin Sprocket: Grape was often used to tear down rigging
Ceejay Writer: Is grapeshot made from real grapes? And why are you not making wine instead?
Robin Sprocket: A bit harder to puncture a boiler!
Vernden Jervil: actually speaking of cannons grapeshot was what they used to harm personnel back in the 1700s but mortars might be better
Vernden Jervil: and yes Robin tear down sails
Robin Sprocket: An interesting fact is that a lot of steam ships had difficulty with nets and buoys.
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Sig
Patty Poppy: Yarrr, Sig
Robin Sprocket: They tangled the propellors
Ceejay Writer: Ahoy, Sigurd! Have a seat and a drink and snack!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Hammerthall.
Vernden Jervil: actually that is a good idea Robin, attacking the propellers makes a lot more sense than trying to gun down a boiler
Sigurd Hammerthall coughs and sputters in cloud of particles, waving feebly
Robin Sprocket: That was how the Keokuk was disabled long enough to take over 90 shots due to immobility
Garnet Psaltery: If Sig is here can Jan be far away?
Ceejay Writer: 90 shots! Wow!
Sigurd Hammerthall: Well, yeah now.
Patty Poppy: some bubbly will help that
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Perhaps another couch?
Robin Sprocket: Fort Sumter had them dead in theeir sights
Sigurd Hammerthall: I don’t think she is online, or will be for a while.
Garnet Psaltery: Ah, my little literary joke :o)
Vernden Jervil: it was a problem with the early iron ships , cannon fire just wasn’t very effective
Vernden Jervil: was very hard to bring a ship down till they came up with explosive shells
Robin Sprocket: Problem is, even a disabled ship can fire back!!
Junie Ginsburg: explosions…now we’re talking
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Ceejay Writer digs about for another couch
Vernden Jervil thinks Junie has a rather violent attention span
Robin Sprocket: 🙂
Junie Ginsburg snickers
Robin Sprocket: I would think prior to the invention of radar that ships might be harder to spot without masts
Ceejay Writer makes note for any future attacks on Junie. Not that she sees what I am writing
Robin Sprocket: It might be easier to elude a pirate
Junie Ginsburg just keeps drinking the wine
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: what you mean not everyone is taught how to run around and blow stuff up, i thought that was kinda a given, like primary school stuff
Garnet Psaltery peers over Ceejay’s shoulder and thinks *foolish*
Vernden Jervil: this could be, although a limited version of sonar is possibly within the steampunk realm
Robin Sprocket: and of course spotting derigibles
Vernden Jervil: problably not as accurate as modern but ” there is an engine in the water thataway seems reasonable
o0OSimisolaO0o: Excuse me please butI have to leave now, I am wishing you all a clam and sunshiny day ::))
Garnet Psaltery: What would they use for sonar?
Junie Ginsburg waves farewell to Simisola
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio, Simisola
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Tag, Fraulein.
Robin Sprocket: The derigible could signal the pirate ship indicating direction of the prey, without necessarily being near the ship!
Ceejay Writer: Fair winds Simisola!
Vernden Jervil: sonar is basically just a listening device pointed at the water
Robin Sprocket: I would think arial scouting could be invaluabl
Strider: I second that
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The Heliolux division can use solar signalling for leagues, in fact.
Strider: a flag could represent a lot… prey… compass direction
Garnet Psaltery: Oh, the mirrors thing?
Strider: or… other methods
Vernden Jervil: You are probably right Robin
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
Strider: they can even keep an eye out for law too
Robin Sprocket: Of course then countermeasures would probably occur!
Garnet Psaltery: Still trying to imagine a sonar device
Vernden Jervil: Actually in the Scar I seem to recall ships keeping watch for fliers for just that reason
Robin Sprocket: Porpoises?
Robin Sprocket: Hee
Ceejay Writer: A cage of bats? They have sonar!
Robin Sprocket: AHA!!!
Garnet Psaltery: True to both
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Sound travels well underwater. A simple listening horn lowered into the water….
Garnet Psaltery: Interesting
Junie Ginsburg: I like the sound of that…”cage of bats”
Strider: Porpoises I hear are highly trainable *chuckle*
Robin Sprocket: Ah yes A steam ship OES make a lot of noise!
Garnet Psaltery: With experimentation it should then be possible to work out likely distances and so on
Garnet Psaltery: and not be confused by whales
Vernden Jervil tries to figure out what the cage of bats will do, does not think they will like being lowered into the water
Garnet Psaltery: They’d go batty
Vernden Jervil grins
Strider: hahaha
Robin Sprocket: Hmm… pavlovian bats?
Junie Ginsburg: I just thought they’d make an interesting conversation piece
Garnet Psaltery: They do
Robin Sprocket: Would they fly in patterns to relay information?
Vernden Jervil: they would, almost anyone would ask about them
Patty Poppy wonders if there are magicians under this couch
Mannlich: excuse me ladies and gents, i am called to something urgent.
Strider wonders how you train a bat
Vernden Jervil: Qwis, Oldesoul, welcome!
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio, Mr Mannlich
Patty Poppy: g’day Mannlich
Mannlich: thank you for letting me stay
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Oldesoul
Vernden Jervil: very welcome
Robin Sprocket: Unfortunately, bats aren’t great communicators, Might ned to be ALTERED!!!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Tag, Herr Mannlich.
Junie Ginsburg waves farewell to Mr. Mannlich
OldeSoul Eldemar: Sorry I am late –
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: is it a vampiric bat?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Lord DreamWeaver.
Garnet Psaltery: Ahoy Qwis
Qwis Greenwood: Ahoy
Junie Ginsburg: Hello, Mr. Eldemar
Mannlich: to hunt a beast
Patty Poppy smiles at OldeSoul!
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: hello
OldeSoul Eldemar: Hello Ms. Garnet
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Greenwood, pardon me not standing.
Junie Ginsburg waves hello to Qwis
Robin Sprocket: Creating altered bats could become a new indusry
Ceejay Writer: Ahoy, Qwis! Make yourself comfy, get some snacks and a drink!
Qwis Greenwood: You look engrossed, Herr Baron. No worries.
Garnet Psaltery: The Baron’s gross?
Vernden Jervil: ok are we done with the bats?
OldeSoul Eldemar: Hello Ms. Poppy
Patty Poppy: lol
Ceejay Writer: No more wine for Garnet.
Robin Sprocket: Hee
OldeSoul Eldemar: Hello Qwis
Garnet Psaltery: Not this early *nods*
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach flickers an eyebrow at the Duchess
Junie Ginsburg shuts up about the bats and encourages the Commander to continue
Robin Sprocket: I find the bats an intriguing possibility.
OldeSoul Eldemar: Haha – found you Ms. Sprocket
Robin Sprocket: 😀
Garnet Psaltery: I do beg your pardon *grins*
OldeSoul Eldemar: Guten Morgan Herr Baron
Sigurd Hammerthall thinks the bats idea, is, well, batty
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Ceejay Writer: I think someone should pursue the Bat Industry
Patty Poppy: they could have a ball with bats
Vernden Jervil: I like the idea of using nets to stop propellers Robin we needed a good way to stop a steam ship, other than sinking it
Sigurd Hammerthall: Arrr, I will, and I’ll run them through when I catch them.
Strider: *could ride a fruit bat*
Robin Sprocket: Does seem practical!
Ceejay Writer: The net idea is cunning – simple materials, used wisely
Junie Ginsburg: ships do little good on the bottom of the sea
Robin Sprocket: Oooo bats that drop nets!!!
Ceejay Writer: Bada BING!
Robin Sprocket: 🙂
Qwis Greenwood: Have you considered magnets?
Ceejay Writer: Bats were used in a *cough* future war to drop bombs.
Robin Sprocket: Oh my!
Vernden Jervil: THe other things i was considering were if we could get a harpoon good enough to pierce a hull to grapple it
Garnet Psaltery: A cunningly-arranged large net hidden below the surface and strung between fishing-boats, perhaps
Robin Sprocket: A direct approach!
Strider: Excuse me
Strider: gotta run
Patty Poppy: I like the grappling hook idea
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio, Strider
Vernden Jervil: actually qwis i did, probably have to be an electromagnet to get enough force to hold on, but Tesla generators might be able to generate that kind of power
Robin Sprocket: Hee, alrighty!
Ceejay Writer: Take care, Strider!
Patty Poppy: g’day STrider
OldeSoul Eldemar: Tace Care Strider
Garnet Psaltery: If you’re that close to a steam ship you might not wish to signal your presence too soon
Vernden Jervil waves at strider
OldeSoul Eldemar: *smacks the typist
Robin Sprocket: Another useful thing would be to hide your SMOKE so you could sneak up!
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Yelly – good to see you
Ceejay Writer: Now how would you hide smoke?
Qwis Greenwood: Vernden, I was considering tactical magnets, dropped into spaces to keep things from turning.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ah, that’s a whole different order of problem.
Yelly Donut: Hello
Vernden Jervil: how do you plan to hide the smoke Robin?
Robin Sprocket: Not sure!
Patty Poppy: *snerks
OldeSoul Eldemar: Here is a seat Ms. Yelly
Vernden Jervil: interesting Idea Qwis
Vernden Jervil: Hi yelly
Junie Ginsburg: hiding smoke…it’s a constant problem
Yelly Donut: aww thank you, you didn’t have to xD
Robin Sprocket: Perhaps it would be easier to have decoy smoke
[noctis] RFL Deerstripe sofa Plum Unpolished V2 whispers:
(?PgUp or ? PgDn ) change your pose. Touch for menu.
Junie Ginsburg searches her pockets for a cigar
Sigurd Hammerthall: Perhaps disguise teh smoke as a forest fire, by having a lot of trees on deck.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Lady Deja, there’s a seat under the refreshments table for you.
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Ceejay Writer: Sig, BRILLIANT!
LâÐ? Ðêjâ Vûe: :0
Vernden Jervil: actually Robin diesel subs could run without ventilation for limited periods of time
Vernden Jervil: they stored it , but had to surface periodically to vent it out
Robin Sprocket: It seems that night tactics may be the abswer
Yelly Donut: Good to see you too Garnet (delayed reaction)o.o
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Ceejay Writer: Yelly!! *happy*
Yelly Donut: ^.^
Junie Ginsburg waves to Yelly
Yelly Donut: sleepy and full of too much pizza xD
Ceejay Writer: Hope the couch is comfy. *grin*
Yelly Donut waves to JUnie
Garnet Psaltery: Very pleased you have a new shop in Port Babbage
Yelly Donut: Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!!
Robin Sprocket: ****YAY****
Yelly Donut: heehee
Junie Ginsburg: Yes, yay!
Yelly Donut: was just going to complain about the anims
Yelly Donut: 😉
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Garnet Psaltery: 😀
Vernden Jervil: Actually I find early morning raids to be the best thing, night fighting tends to be problematic
Yelly Donut: what was the creator thinking
Robin Sprocket: 🙂
Ceejay Writer: But… early morning! *whines*
Sigurd Hammerthall: “Boy, the people that sit on this are goning to look stupid??? >:)”
Garnet Psaltery: The early raids – perhaps planned after observing the enemy celebrating into the night?
Yelly Donut: haahaaa
Vernden Jervil: That would be wonderful Garnet
Patty Poppy chuckles
Robin Sprocket: What technologies might be an advantage for pirates? It seems a lot of it would be turned against them.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Travel during the night, attack in the twilight of the dawn.
Ceejay Writer: But that means we have to sleep early. BIG FLAW
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Yelly Donut nods
Junie Ginsburg: or stay awake all night, Ceejay
Yelly Donut: fixed!
Vernden Jervil: and always a thing to watch out for, many or the most famous RL pirates were captured becuase their crews were to drunk to fight back
Patty Poppy perks up
Ceejay Writer: Junie, brilliance!
Robin Sprocket: And drink all day? Would be a major adjustment!
Garnet Psaltery: Sleep early? I’m afraid I don’t understand that concept
Vernden Jervil: early or sleep?
Yelly Donut: am all too familiar with staying awake all night
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Frau Magdalena.
Patty Poppy: The Black Moon Marauders could give lessons
Garnet Psaltery: Ahoy Magz
Ceejay Writer: Ahoy Magda!
Yelly Donut: ahoy Magda
Junie Ginsburg waves hello to Magda
Patty Poppy: Hello Miss Magda
OldeSoul Eldemar: Now here is an early bird
Magda Haiku drops in briefly in completely unsuitable attire. ;>
Ceejay Writer: (by the by, for anyone who missed parts of the discussion or had to leave early, I will be saving, editing and posting!)
Garnet Psaltery: Please have a prewarmed seat by Ceejay
Vernden Jervil: (yay)
Robin Sprocket: ooo!
Qwis Greenwood waves to Magda
Patty Poppy: oh wonderful, Ceejay.
Garnet Psaltery: and I can sneak in between Vernden and Poppy :o)
Ceejay Writer: Sit by meeeeee Mags!
Yelly Donut: there should be a 2nd sit on this couch too, unless the creator fluffed it up
Robin Sprocket: (Still thinking about altered bats)
Magda Haiku: Okay!
Patty Poppy pats the sofa
Yelly Donut: altered bats? oo me likes that idea
Ceejay Writer: Robin, I think Yelly could possibly breed such a beast.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles again
Vernden Jervil: (enough with the bats Robin)
Yelly Donut: indeed!
Ceejay Writer: They have radar dontchaknow
Robin Sprocket: 😀
Yelly Donut nods
Yelly Donut: and they be cute pets
Robin Sprocket: Adorable
Ceejay Writer: 🙂
Qwis Greenwood: And eat skeeters
Junie Ginsburg: especially a cage full!
Yelly Donut: wots a skeeter?
Ceejay Writer: Vernden is going to start hitting us all with OTHER bats soon.
Ceejay Writer: skeeter – mosquito
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Better than the ones ‘Doktor Chiroptera’ cooked up.
OldeSoul Eldemar: mosquitos
Yelly Donut: actually the bats up in the North of Australia are making horses die but nvm >.>
Yelly Donut: oooh
Robin Sprocket: Skeeters are the Michigan state bird.
Yelly Donut: lol
OldeSoul Eldemar: lol
Junie Ginsburg: hah!
Yelly Donut: that big huh?
Vernden Jervil starts looking for signs of zombieism…with a bat
Robin Sprocket: Huge with stripes!!
Ceejay Writer: They ARE, Robin.
Yelly Donut: o.o
Yelly Donut: oh my
OldeSoul Eldemar: They are impressive
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Are they riding size yet?
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Yelly Donut: LOL
Robin Sprocket: A fearsome vision
Vernden Jervil: the bats or the horses?
Robin Sprocket: The skeeters!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The ‘skeeters’.
OldeSoul Eldemar: smiles
Ceejay Writer coughsSteampunkTechnologyCoughs*
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I’ve already had to deal with riding-size bats.
Vernden Jervil: that is a frightening though
Garnet Psaltery makes note to reread that bit of the histories
Magda Haiku: So, pirates are riding mosquitos of unusual size as part of their raids?
Ceejay Writer: Aparently. Magda.
Vernden Jervil: not yet, but maybe
Robin Sprocket: Almost as frightening as how easy it is to derail a conversation!!! LOL
Yelly Donut chuckles
Garnet Psaltery: We are very skilled in that
Magda Haiku: Fearsome. Are the navies deployed with citronella oil?
Yelly Donut: heehee
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Good idea.
Vernden Jervil: nah big bug zappers *big*
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Citronella flamethrowers.
Junie Ginsburg: the smoke from the oil might give away their position…they’d have to hide it in bags
Ceejay Writer: Tesla Zappers!
Yelly Donut: ooh i need some here in South austtralia
Magda Haiku: Oooh. Electrified rapiers are fun. Self-defeating, but fun.
OldeSoul Eldemar: taking notes for the Admiral
Yelly Donut: the flamethrowers
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Frau Searra has them for sale in her shop, Frau Magdalena.
Robin Sprocket: Oo
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: If not, she would gladly give you one.
Vernden Jervil: better than the electrified armor, only worn once, by it’s late inventor
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach snickers
Yelly Donut: lol
Junie Ginsburg laughs
Robin Sprocket: LOL
WSW – Dominacynthe Absinthe Bottle Corked: Ah, good choice Junie Ginsburg. Enjoy your Dominacynthe Absinthe.
Robin Sprocket: What could possibly go wrong?
Magda Haiku: Steel plated Faraday cage.
Garnet Psaltery peers over Vernden’s shoulder and looks curiously at the doodles
Magda Haiku: Repels everything but water.
Garnet Psaltery: 😀
Magda Haiku: And fire.
Vernden Jervil decides to try get back to topic
Magda Haiku: Which brings us back to … PIRATES!
Yelly Donut: \o/
Yelly Donut: || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
Yelly Donut: / \
Magda Haiku: Argh!
Vernden Jervil: I have been looking at what a boarding party might look like in 1890
Ceejay Writer: Scruffy?
Robin Sprocket: Ooo!!!
Sigurd Hammerthall: Oh, I loves a good party.
Yelly Donut chuckles
Qwis Greenwood: Jams and OP shirts? Wait…wrong century… wrong type of boarding.
Magda Haiku: Where was piracy taking place in 1890?
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Vernden Jervil: traditionally pirates carried braces of pre-loaded flintlock pistols, although with revolvers and modern rifles that seems unneeded
Robin Sprocket: Probably the orient?
Junie Ginsburg: it’s taking place here, of course!
Robin Sprocket: Climbing magnets!!!
Robin Sprocket: Like spiderman up the steel plating!
Ceejay Writer: grappling hooks?
Ceejay Writer: Robin, YOU go first on that
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Vernden Jervil: Also fragmentation grenades had been in use for several years, the French Musketeers had been known for having them in use
Robin Sprocket: Hordes of magnetized pirates streaming up the gunwales!!!
Vernden Jervil: you had to light them then throw, but i am thinking a clockwork fuse could be designed
Garnet Psaltery: Attracting every dagger and sword within reach
Robin Sprocket: A cigar is always handy!
Junie Ginsburg: cigar! Junie Ginsburg searches her pockets again
Ceejay Writer: Cigar! Brilliant.
Vernden Jervil: That is why we are letting Robin try first Garnet
Robin Sprocket: Hee
Garnet Psaltery grins
Robin Sprocket: dynamite is just AWKWARD without a cigar!!!
Yelly Donut: lol
Ceejay Writer: And we must maintain a sense of style at all times too.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach mutters under his breath about the Magnetic Prince
Ceejay Writer eyes the Baron curiously
Patty Poppy: dynamite and cigars are strangely too much the same shape
Garnet Psaltery *more reading*
Robin Sprocket: Hmmm… I can see the problem there!
Patty Poppy smooths her charred eyebrows
Vernden Jervil: is a mistake you will only make once
Robin Sprocket: If it don’t draw, spit it out fast!!!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach laughs
Yelly Donut: heeheee
Patty Poppy: *snickers
Garnet Psaltery: hehe
Vernden Jervil: actually given the close quarters in a ship, I am thinking scatterguns
Magda Haiku sees a lot of people represented by a lot of typists who watched The A-Team long ago.
Robin Sprocket: 😀
Garnet Psaltery: What’s a scattergun?
Vernden Jervil: predecessor to shotguns
Magda Haiku: And I suppose you end all your raids by saying, “I love it when a plan comes together”?
Garnet Psaltery: Ah
Robin Sprocket: I believe this are one!
Ceejay Writer subtly adds a cigar dispenser to the table
Second Life: BN Ashtray Cigar Dispenser (4 prims) owned by Ceejay Writer gave you ‘BN Fine Cigar (Wear Me)’ ( Blake Bay (182,150,21) ).
Vernden Jervil: no we don’t, but that is a good idea Magda
Robin Sprocket: Don’t go out without it!
Vernden Jervil sees he already has the black gloves and goes looking for a cigar
Garnet Psaltery examines Robin’s weapon, especially where it’s pointing
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Robin Sprocket: Completely safe!!!
Patty Poppy coughs quiety from the cigar smoke
Yelly Donut: 😉
Robin Sprocket: (in the hands of an expert) Know any?
Yelly Donut notices a burnt hole in the sofa
Junie Ginsburg: mostly safe
Vernden Jervil grins at Robin
Patty Poppy looks at Garnet and smiles
Garnet Psaltery: *puff puff*
Vernden Jervil goes back to his list
Garnet Psaltery: hee hee we have nodding heads
Vernden Jervil: I did want to touch on recruiting for a moment
Robin Sprocket: Shall i get the bag?
Patty Poppy so misread that….
Junie Ginsburg: “recruiting”
Junie Ginsburg chuckles
Ceejay Writer is not taking incriminating photos
Patty Poppy: lol
Vernden Jervil: the 1700s were known among other things for horrid treatment of sailors, making pirate ships seem very appealing by comparison
OldeSoul Eldemar: grins:)
Garnet Psaltery is taking photos and relies on people to behave 😀
Patty Poppy is too
Magda Haiku looks for her emoter hud.
Patty Poppy: however…..
Robin Sprocket: Ah, true!! With new ‘factory’ jobs it might be less apealing
Vernden Jervil nods at Robin
Robin Sprocket: Then again…..
Robin Sprocket: Would ya rather plunder or turn a screw?
Vernden Jervil: of course the romance or pirate legends had spread quite a bit by then, which would help
Garnet Psaltery: Why were the pirate ships thought better?
Yelly Donut: O.o
Vernden Jervil: Well they paid everyone
Garnet Psaltery: ah
Yelly Donut: if you were dirt poor and had few options though..
Robin Sprocket: Mostly because the crews were rather democratic!
Garnet Psaltery: heh
Vernden Jervil: nods most pirate captains were chosen by vote
Robin Sprocket: Whereas military ships were rather military
Ceejay Writer: See I never updated my resume and now I AM HERE. *looks confused*
Yelly Donut: supposedly Australian vernacular comes from our seafaring past
Garnet Psaltery: Positively humans
Garnet Psaltery: humane
Magda Haiku finds the expression she was looking for.
Yelly Donut: hence our use of the work ‘mate’
Robin Sprocket: 😀
OldeSoul Eldemar: you think you’re confused…..
Robin Sprocket: Aye matey!!!
Yelly Donut: and egalitarian nature
Yelly Donut: sposedly anyway
Vernden Jervil: and the crews of many of the legal ships were often press ganged, whiipped for minor offenses, and paid if the ship captain felt like it
Robin Sprocket: Why, you could even ‘run’ for captain!!
Garnet Psaltery: By running him through?
Yelly Donut: lol
Ceejay Writer: O.o
Robin Sprocket: That’s one way!
Garnet Psaltery ‘s head goes light from the cigar smoke
Vernden Jervil: although mutiny on pirate ships was not as common as one might think
Garnet Psaltery: What’s in those things anyway?
Ceejay Writer puffs a skull n crossbones shaped smoke ring.
Vernden Jervil: they really did run mostly by democracy
Patty Poppy psst
Magda Haiku: Medicinal herbs that are now legal in my state.
Patty Poppy: did you see who put them out?
Robin Sprocket: 😀
Garnet Psaltery: I see *begins to giggle*
Ceejay Writer: No clue where they came from *eyedart*
Patty Poppy: I swear there’s a magician under my seat
Vernden Jervil looks around
Junie Ginsburg coughs
Magda Haiku sets out a bowl of chips for those who get the munchies.
Sigurd Hammerthall: Well get off of him, Poppy!
Patty Poppy: LOL
Garnet Psaltery would eat but somehow can’t be bothered 😀
Vernden Jervil: Since we are starting to run low on time I will jump tp the topic of airships
Magda Haiku thought Sig said something entirely different … 0.o
Robin Sprocket: I rather like smoking ceegars in a group. Should do it more often!
Patty Poppy: adds him to her list of under the couch magicians
Ceejay Writer: I’ll leave the cigars out when I tidy up later!
Garnet Psaltery: Sorry for diverting, Vernden
Ceejay Writer: They suit a reading room
Vernden Jervil: not a problem
Magda Haiku: Poor Mr. Jervil. You anticipated this, I hope?
Vernden Jervil: Yes I do know these people 🙂
Garnet Psaltery: As long as they’re not under the couch musicians
Yelly Donut: lol
Patty Poppy: lol
Robin Sprocket: Sure, he’s always thinkin’
Junie Ginsburg grins
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: He’s been around the Steamlands long enough as well.
Ceejay Writer: Vernden braced for anything. I think he had a few drinks beforehand.
Robin Sprocket: 😀
Patty Poppy shares her flask with Garnet
Vernden Jervil: Robin already touched on airborne scouting
Garnet Psaltery: Why thank you, ma’am
Patty Poppy: ^^
Robin Sprocket: Hmmm… lightweight engines could be a problem
Vernden Jervil: I was also thinking air power could be used to raid targets significantly inland , the kind that tend to think they do not need to worry about pirates
Robin Sprocket: Zepelins with boilers never really ‘took off’
Junie Ginsburg: hehe
Vernden Jervil: that could be Robin, heavy weapons on airships would probably be out
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Garnet Psaltery: took off hehe
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Depends on the size of the ship.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
OldeSoul Eldemar: smiles:) kinda went up
Garnet Psaltery: Oh well we all know you’ve got a big one, Baron
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Yelly Donut: lol
Qwis Greenwood coughs
Ceejay Writer: Goodness.
Vernden Jervil: Although hydrogen blimps really are not as easy to set on fire as people think.
Garnet Psaltery: What did i say?
Magda Haiku chokes on a biscuit.
OldeSoul Eldemar: Really?
Patty Poppy: *snorts
Robin Sprocket: Oh no?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach stands pat
Qwis Greenwood: Why not, Vernden?
Ceejay Writer hopes Pat was ready for that.
Patty Poppy wipes her brow
Magda Haiku folds her hands in prayer and composes herself.
Vernden Jervil: no if they go up, they GO UP, but you need a certain ratio of oxygen to hydrogen to get an explosion
Robin Sprocket: Did they have smoking sections?
Ceejay Writer: Is the ratio hard to figger out for math disinclined folk?
Robin Sprocket: Just wondered.
Vernden Jervil: I would have to look it up
Patty Poppy: I’d just eyeball it
Junie Ginsburg: maybe dynamite would help with that ratio
Robin Sprocket: Smoking salon in a zepellin?
Patty Poppy: if it goes up it has enuf
Vernden Jervil notes to take flaming objects away from Robin
Yelly Donut: wasnt it the paint that did the Hindenburg in?
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Yelly Donut: youve only noted this now Vern?
Robin Sprocket: Heee heee
Patty Poppy: and an electrial cshort I believe
Vernden Jervil: she keeps finding new ones
Yelly Donut nods
Yelly Donut: lol
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I have done some reading on the airships here – the Hindenburg did have a carefully maintained smoking salon.
Robin Sprocket: 😀
Robin Sprocket: Well, I’ll be!!!
Yelly Donut: ah them were the days
Garnet Psaltery: That was .. risky
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Carefully maintained.
Robin Sprocket: I just call that CIVILIZED!
Yelly Donut: indeed Robin
Vernden Jervil: actually there are several theories on why the Hindenburg went down
Vernden Jervil: although even with the explosion most of the people on board did survive
Robin Sprocket: I think because it was on fire.
Yelly Donut dies
Garnet Psaltery: 😀
Junie Ginsburg laughs at Robin
Magda Haiku offers to become Robin’s new flaming objects dealer *cough* supplier …
Robin Sprocket: Doesn’t make sense tho, heat rises!
Ceejay Writer buys insurance
Vernden Jervil: don’t encourage her
Patty Poppy: lol
Yelly Donut considers running away as far as possible
Vernden Jervil: She causes enough damage as it is
Patty Poppy: ya.. but you won’t, will ya… Yarrr
Robin Sprocket: It’s me trade
Yelly Donut grins
Garnet Psaltery: Ooh that’s nice, Qwus
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Qwis Greenwood chuckles
OldeSoul Eldemar: would love to help as a procurement officer
Vernden Jervil: WE just sort of point her at the enemy and assume she will break something
Yelly Donut: oh my. magda did you forget to put your cigar out?
Patty Poppy: such a legacy
Yelly Donut: or you just sitting too close to Robin?
Magda Haiku grins.
Robin Sprocket: Oh goodness!
Garnet Psaltery: Oh my!
Patty Poppy: *bites knuckles
Garnet Psaltery: sit still while I take a photo
Garnet Psaltery: There :o)
Robin Sprocket: ****YAY****
Yelly Donut: \o/
Qwis Greenwood: Gee, and I was worried about Ceejay offering us toast for refreshments.
Yelly Donut: haahaa
Ceejay Writer: *grins*
Junie Ginsburg: toast?
Magda Haiku is prepared to handmake s’mores after today’s lecture.
Junie Ginsburg looks around
Robin Sprocket: LOL
Garnet Psaltery: By the by, this hip flask can be obtained gratis at Loki’s absinthe cafe in New Babbage
Vernden Jervil looks at watch ” we are just about out of time, anyone have any last comments before we get ready fr the next event?”
Garnet Psaltery:
Robin Sprocket: We have a perfect opportunity hwere.
Robin Sprocket: Vernden has a bellfry!! We cab start collecting bats right now!
Junie Ginsburg: Robin beat me to it
Magda Haiku whispers: Generally, was war good for piracy? Did it create opportunities? Or did it wreck established territories to have people fighting in them?
Garnet Psaltery: I only wish to say what a fun event this has been. Thank you, Ceejay and Vernden
Yelly Donut: he ehee
Vernden Jervil: Thank you Robin
Ceejay Writer: Nice flask! Will steal one later!
Yelly Donut: agreed!
Patty Poppy: *snickers
Vernden Jervil: Glad you enjoyed Garnet.
Ceejay Writer: I am so happy this was enjoyable – and my first public event here too!
Yelly Donut: will be going to bed v soon but really nivce to see you al
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
Robin Sprocket: ****YAY****
Garnet Psaltery: Don’t check yoour pockets until after I’ve gone, Vernden
Junie Ginsburg: A very nice gathering — great talk, Vernden!
Patty Poppy: the war was probably good for piracy but imagines the military didn’t much like ther intrusion
Vernden Jervil: Glad everyone made it
Yelly Donut: agreed
Ceejay Writer: You are all wonderful and really made my day. And thank you Vernden for preparing such thoughtful, interesting notes!
Magda Haiku: Thank you both!
OldeSoul Eldemar: Some great ideas
Vernden Jervil: Thank you Junie
Patty Poppy: wonderful talk.. thank you so much! I hope we can do this again
Robin Sprocket: Thank you professor Vernden!
OldeSoul Eldemar: Thanks so much for hosting
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio, Yelly
Vernden Jervil: Very welcome
Yelly Donut: bye bye Garnet, bye bye all
Ceejay Writer: In a half hour I will be wiggling into a corset for burlesque. *eyebrow wiggle* Hope people can come see!
Yelly Donut: have a wonderful day!
Junie Ginsburg waves farewell to Yelly
Robin Sprocket: Whee!!! Burly girls!!!
Patty Poppy: and so we are off for Mondrago and Burlesque… yay!!
Ceejay Writer: I would love to have more talks here! Anyone – hit me anytime with ideas.
Garnet Psaltery: I’ll see what I can do, Ceejay :o)
Vernden Jervil waves “night Yelly”
Yelly Donut poofs in a cloud of asthma and wheezing
Patty Poppy: g’day everyone. this was fun
Sigurd Hammerthall: Let me know when you’re ready to change, Ceejay!
Qwis Greenwood: G’bye, everyone! Thanks for hosting, Ceejay
Vernden Jervil: Yes everyone is of course welcome at the library anytime
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach looks at the calendar and nods
OldeSoul Eldemar: Take care and fair winds
Qwis Greenwood: Vernden, I might be taking you up on that offer soon.
Patty Poppy: Has a lm now.. fair winds
Vernden Jervil: oh Have an idea?
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio leavers
Vernden Jervil: or just need a hideout?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Auf Wiedersehen.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach lifts a hand in farewell and relocates
Qwis Greenwood: The second 🙂
Vernden Jervil: Goodbye Baron
Vernden Jervil: ok
Junie Ginsburg: I should bail too, and get on with the day…thanks again Vernden and Ceejay!
Magda Haiku: Stay large, Baron.
Vernden Jervil: we like you , you can hide here
Garnet Psaltery: hee hee
Garnet Psaltery: *large*
Junie Ginsburg waves goodbye to everyone
Vernden Jervil: Welcome Junie
Robin Sprocket: Must go find Houdini. See you lateroos!!!!
Ceejay Writer: Hee. Okay, I’m taking a short break, then off to get ready to perform! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!
Garnet Psaltery: I’m off home – good to see everyone!
Magda Haiku goes to work on her Liz Sherman and Drew Barrymore Firestarter kits.
Vernden Jervil: I should slip away myself, need a touch of RL time before next event
Ceejay Writer: See you in Mondrago! Whoosh!
Magda Haiku needs substenance. “See you later!”
Sigurd Hammerthall waves
Vernden Jervil waves to everyone

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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