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Prim Perfect’s Second Anniversary Issue

The 2nd anniversary issue of Prim Perfect is out! Reading it via the site is my recommendation, as it gives you the full magazine experience, right down to the crispy sound of turning the pages. It’s right here: Prim Perfect Issue Issue #17

The whole issue is well worth reading cover to cover, but if you’re in a hurry, here are my article contributions. *grin*

Page 24: Home Expo 2009 (though I should mention that I only collected some of that info, I believe one of the other staff writers polished up and completed the article)

Page 53: Country Living in Neufreistadt

Page 62: An Interview with Leyla Firefly, Builder and Second Life Romantic (my favorite article, please read it!)

Page 68: Special Feature: Five Sims Filled with Love and Creativity

Page 114: Advice for Newcomers: Controlling your Inventory, Notecards and Landmarks

Also, as part of the second year anniversary festivities, the entire staff is featured in “Looking Back: Two Years of Prim Perfect”. Ceejay’s wee bit is on page 107 in that article!

Whew. No wonder April felt like such a busy month! *flops*

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