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Photo Contest at Gumi’s Flower Shop


Gumi’s Flower Shop is holding a photo contest.
There are two categories:

1) Second Landscape
Judges: PJ Trenton (Chief), Saffia Widdershins, Tricia Aferdita

2) Scenery with Prim Flowers
Judges: Saffia Widdershins(Chief), PJ Trenton, Tricia Aferdita

The first prize is 3000L!
Please join the contest and maybe you will win that 3000L!

Submission box location:

February 15, 2012

There is a FIVE (5) photo maximum per applicant. The winners will be announced late in February. All three of the winners will have their photos displayed in the store for at least a week. Submitted photos will be displayed at a special location and/or Gumi’s Flower Shop for at least a week. It is recommended that photos be set to have full permissions. If you don’t want to submit full perm photos, we will accept your photo, but keep in mind that they will require additional work.

Gumi Yao reserves the right to deny your submission for any reason.

Theme and submission details:

1) Second Landscape:
Images MUST be snapshots taken in Second Life. NO Photoshop, NO processing your photos outside of SL. Please change your snapshot name to “photo title – your name – photo pixel size”, for example, Cold Sea – Gumi Yao – 1024×786.

You must include the sim name and location in the photo description field.  SL will include it automatically. Make sure this stays in the photo description.

First place: 3000L
Second place: 1000L
Third place: 500L

2) Scenery with Prim Flowers:
Photos taken in Second Life.
Photo must include prim flowers. Textured flowers can be included as long as the prim flowers are the more important subject than the textured flowers.

Examples could be flowers in a vase, a woman holding a bouquet, an imaginary flower in future. etc.etc.

Your photos should be titled “photo title – your name – photo pixel size”, for example, My Garden – Gumi Yao – 512×512.

First place: 3000L
Second place: 1000L
Third place: 500L

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