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Lastday, Capricorn 29’s. Year of the City: 2274. Carousel begins.

I haven’t been at work since December 29th. Tomorrow, January 9th, my annual personal traditional New Year’s break ends and I will return to campus. Along with 47,000 students. Parking is gonna be a trick!

But it’s been a good break, in spite of catching a cold just a few days into it. I did my best to ignore the symptoms and focused instead on finishing last years projects, purging accumulated clutter both in reality and digitally, and made it a priority to sleep in, nap often, laugh at least once an hour, and spend time with good friends.

Inworld, I pared down my obligations as much as I could manage – keeping only projects that bring me joy. It’s MY Second Life, after all, the first one has plenty enough chores, thank you! I hold tight to Prim Perfect magazine, the Java Jive club in Seraph City, Cafe Curiousity in New Toulouse, and adventures with Armada’s Scoundrel Fleet. These four aspects of my Second Life make me very, very happy and I wish to nurture them. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy having fun in New Babbage and Steelhead, and other bright shinies that are always peering around the corner at me. It simply means that these four concepts are consistent, solid sources of fun, learning, growth and companionship. I value them greatly.

I wrote… a lot. I also beta-read a most brilliant fanfiction written by a longtime friend who I consider to be THE essential Stargate SG1 fanficcer. She chose to go alternate universe this time around with an epic tale set in the Victorian era, and I was flattered to be chosen to be her advisor on the details of the times.

And there was food, of course. With leisure time to cook and bake, I experimented with some alternate recipes, new ingredients, and lots of lazy slow simmered dishes. Mmmm.

But don’t worry. In spite of all the goal-worthy projects, the restful sleep, the good food… I still found time to be a shallow snarky little bint! I mean really. Here is a CONFLICT OF LOWER BODY WARDROBE CONTRIVEMENTS:

The belt hovered inches from her body, never actually touching it at any point – which is a crime as she direly NEEDED some support. She did not get her linden’s worth out of the pants purchase, as the top of them has gone missing. And that popular mainstay of smexiness (I just upchucked a bit saying that), the Ueber Visible Thong, had fake bling. See those sparkles?  They’re just textures. Now you must live with the knowledge that  yes, there is imitation bling. Please – won’t you help eliminate Fake Bling, in our lifetime?

(click to horribly embiggen)

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Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of Mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables and herbs when she’s not writing, editing, or playing games with a cat named Chives.

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