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Aether Salon: Phantasmagoria! with Loki Eliot

Learn more about the origins, traditions, and future of these newfangled moving images with noted practitioner Loki Eliot.

Loki will also give a small talk about origins of, and what he believes is vital to, making engaging, memorable and emotive Machinema in Second Life which will include audio and video experiences to enlighten.

Join the first fall Salon of the 2010-2011 Season! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones too. If you’ve never been, you will even be given a stylish Salon chair.

Bring your wit, and your questions, but please leave your weapons, incendiaries, badly behaved elder relatives, and non-housebroken shoulderpets at home.

SLurl to the Aether Salon

Catch up with transcripts of past salons at the Aether Salon Blog.

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